Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday #10 - My Herbalife Journey ♥

Here we are, the 10 week mark since I first began my Herbalife journey. I have to say that as of late I've been becoming frustrated at my progress, everything seemed to stagnate and my body stats were all going in the wrong direction since my time away. I was, in fact, so frustrated that I expressed my concerns to my doctor that my weight wasn't going down and she weighed me, I then felt very stupid. I have lost in total, 12.7kg since April 30th, the day I began my Herbalife journey, that's 27.9lbs. I'm so close to the 2 stone mark! I'll let you all in on something which I've learned since beginning this journey - scales can be fickle. My coaches scales weighed me in 12lbs more than my doctors did today, no two scales are the same but my doctors scales is the same as my own and as the ones in my father's house too, with about a variation of 2lbs. Don't let scales get you down if they don't seem to be moving, you're the best judge of your weight loss and if you feel as though you've lost a lot more than the scales are saying then you probably have. If you're concerned that things haven't moved down the scales even though you know they most probably should have then visit your doctor like I did for some peace of mind.

 This week I've also given up my Personalised Protein Powder from Herbalife in exchange for PHD Diet Whey Lean Protein Matrix from Holland and Barrett. My extra protein powder is in Belgian chocolate flavour and I can't say it's the best thing I've ever tasted but it does me some good and helps me tone up and build muscle then I'm all for it. I now mix two scoops of that with my three scoops of Herbalife which gives me 52g of protein per shake, which is probably too much so I'll probably revert to one scoop of this extra powder. 

I've also began brisk walking/jogging 2 miles a day. I think 2 miles a day is a good target to aim for and I hope to build that up to 3 miles/5k four times a week when I'm a bit fitter. I've been drinking 6 pints of water a day and feeling a lot better for it. 

Here are my stats for week 10
Weight loss since last weigh-in - 4lbs
Total weight loss - 27lbs
 BMI - 35 

 Centimeters and inches lost
16cm/6.2 inches lost off my body this week bringing my overall total to 84cm/33.4 inches lost off my body and you can see in the picture above just how much that is.

Chest: -4cms
Bust: -4cm
Waist: -2cm
Hips: -3cm
Left Leg: - Stayed the same
 Right Leg: -1cm
 Left arm: -1cm
Right arm: -1cm 

I hope my new protein powder and fitness regime only contributes to my weight loss even more for next weeks weigh-in. There is no quick fix for weight loss, it does take a lot of hard work, determination, diet and exercise to achieve goals and I'm so glad my will-power is keeping up with me. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow, well done. I really need to blog about my weight loss efforts, it may help me stay focussed.

  2. Wow amazing! I'm on Slimming world and I've lost just over half a stone in 2 weeks!

  3. Well done on your weight/inch loss - amazing! Also, I know how fickle the scales can be, it's awful sometimes! xx

  4. wow well done your doing so well!! I have not long had my little girl and I desperately need to lose some weight and inches so may check out herbalife! You should be really proud of the progress you have made hun!! x


  5. Great job! I've been wanting to try Whey Protein, but you're not the first person I have heard say that it tastes bad.

  6. well done hun, wish I had the commitment I've managed to loose weight just by walking a lot but id probably shift it more with a diet too xo

  7. Wow you are making amazing progress. Very impressive, keep it up!

  8. Awesome! That's amazing progress :) Keep it up!!!


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