Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tyler Lee's OOTD - Designer Baby ♥

I said I was making all things about Tyler Lee a more prominent feature on my blog so here he is again, back with an incredibly gorgeous outfit of the day post featuring some gorgeous pieces from the designers at Debenhams baby/children's range. These pieces are absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure you'll agree, they make my little one look like a proper little gentleman. This outfit has that classic, chic looking charm which I love to dress Tyler Lee up in, this is such a stylish little outfit but still comfy enough for him to run around in without any limits. I love that the jeans have braces that can be worn up, down and are detachable too. The aztec print on the top is gorgeous, I love the mix of the blues and purples, I think they're great choices for autumn/winter and the polo collar keeps it looking casual for everyday wear. The gilet just brings the outfit together, the quilted fabric with the cord collar and gold embellishments is so gorgeous, making it the perfect fashion staple for my boy this coming season. I think this outfit just has that quintessential autumnal feeling - long-sleeved tops with purples and blues, dark jeans, gilets, it all seems to cosy for the colder months. Tell me my child isn't the only one who wear designer to the woods?

Jeans with braces: c/o Junior J for Debenhams
Gilet: c/o Junior J for Debenhams
Shoes: start-rite
Bib: c/o Funky Giraffe



  1. he's so adorbs! i wanna pinch his cheek! and look at that curly hair?

  2. Omg he is so cute!!! I love him....and him hair...blonde and curly=so much cute <3

  3. Hi! Oh my goodness, he's one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. I see his pictures almost everyday and he's such a good sport too. I love the little jacket! Who says baby boys can't be dressed cute & stylish just like little girls can?! Thanks for sharing your little love.

  4. What a little cutie, lovely outfit too! xx

  5. He's got the modelling poses down, love the outfit!

  6. Your child has more fashion sense than my 19 yr old boyfriend. This is fantastic.


  7. He is the most fashionable kid I have ever seen! So cute!


  8. Your son is so cute! I love the curls on his head. Oh my! Watch our ladies!

  9. Ah he is so so so cute!! I love his style!

  10. He's absolutely adorable. And totally reminds me of my own who incidently has blonde locks.

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  11. Love his outfit! The suspenders are so cute!!!

  12. What a cutie!!! And a great dresser too :)

    xoxo Jess
    Foreign Room

  13. My goodness he is adorable! Those little clothes are so stinkin cute. If only I had my own little babe to dress in them.


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