Thursday, July 03, 2014

The Prodigy - Live At The Marquee Cork ♥

 Last night Jacek I went to see The Prodigy at Live At the Marquee in Cork, a venue which resembles a big circus tent and which actually has a great atmosphere. I had been there once before to see Deep Purple, a band who I wasn't a fan of and I knew only one of their songs, which they ever oh so delightfully left until the end of their set to play so I couldn't but I did have a good time at that gig and was looking forward to venturing into the Marquee again to see The Prodigy, a band which I've been a fan of since my early teenage years. Jacek and I got to the Marquee quite early and decided to have a couple of drinks, Smirnoff mojitos being my choice of beverage, afterall what is summer without a cocktail or two? We hung around for a bit before venturing into the main tent to secure our space at the front of the stage, a place which I had previously stated on the walk to the venue that I didn't want to be at but once I got inside I swiftly changed my mind. Two crappy DJ's played until twenty past nine, I really thought the point of a pre-act was to get the crowd pumped for the main event but these DJ's did nothing for me, or the other concert-goers around me judging by the cries of "fuck off" I heard.

 When The Prodigy eventually did come on everyone went wild, including me. They opened with 'Breathe' a personal favourite of mine and also played some others I have a particular penchant for including 'Smack My Bitch Up' and 'Voodoo People'. I haven't jumped, head banged, fist pumped and shaked my hair around the place that much in a very long time! The Prodigy were amazing and the crowd was loving it which meant for a very wild time up at the front with me being hit in the head, getting people's jewellery caught in my hair, elbowed in the face and ribs and being crushed against a metal barrier numerous times for the whole gig but hey, I fucking loved it! I managed to get my hands on the guitarist, or should that be very the sexy guitarist, Rob Holliday's water bottle, which he drank from and then threw down to me. I had never been so happy to get my hands on someone elses rubbish before but this is now a treasured possession! Least did I know that this water bottle would become my best friend later on in the night after the gig. I was left disappointed by the sound quality of the gig, a couple of the songs were really muffled, I have no idea what happened there and the fact that The Prodigy only played for an hour or so as I know people who went to other acts at the Marquee had them playing for two hours or more and at €60 a ticket plus booking fee this wasn't a cheap gig either but I was buzzing after the gig, sore yet buzzing and I thought I may have bruised ribs - the agony.

Jacek and I had to walk back to the train station after the gig to be picked up which seemed to take forever after a few Smirnoff mojitos, a lost voice, a sore body and an awfully good time. I was gasping at the end, my throat was a dry as Gandhi's flip-flop from all the shouting and screaming I did so I used the lovely Rob's water bottle to freshen me up, he really must have foreseen my peril later on in the night, cheers for that Rob!

So sitting in the bus stop, not even waiting for a bus, shoes off, clinging onto someone elses discarded rubbish as if it was a piece of gold, not being able to talk and longing for my bed I knew I had had an amazing night seeing one of my favourite bands for a second time, this night I won't forget.



  1. Man. sounds like you had a blast. I need moe concerts in my life.

  2. Wow, I can only imagine how amazing this was, totally jealous xx

  3. I have seen The Prodigy before, they were abso INSANE!!!! Would love to see them again.

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. I love going to concerts. Not seen prodigy but my hubby has and said it was crazy. Sounds like you had a great time. Popping over from

  5. JEALOUS!!!! I'd love to see the prodigy, I went to see the cinema version while pregnant with Daisie and she was a fan of 'smack my bitch up' going by the tours in the film i don't think i could hack an actual one it looks wild! While girls at school were saving pictures of muscly men to their school account i was saving pictures of Keith :') x

  6. It looks like you had a great time and the pictures are so cool!

  7. Travelling to Cork for a gig sounds ace.

  8. Concerts are awesome, I love them too. You picked a great one to go to, I've seen them only twice but they do have a great show. I hope you guys have a great Thursday!

  9. You lucky thing. I`ve been a fan of The Prodigy since I was a teenager. Px


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