Sunday, July 27, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 200 - 206 ♥

 It was such an eventful week for my boy and I, so eventful in fact that I'm only managing to get this post written now when it should have gone live Friday, I am so behind with everything. Better late than never though, right? My little dude and I had such a lovely week together and were basking in the sunshine a lot as the weather has been amazing, the Irish summer has finally lived up to my very high expectations of what summer should really be like. On Friday Tyler Lee was running around the garden being a crazy kook doing that screaming in joy thing he does and I caught him mid scream, he's hilarious. On Sunday I caught him when he had gone to bed and was well on his way to Dreamland, it wouldn't be a weekly roundup of my #Project365 without a obligatory sleeping picture now would it? On Monday some gorgeous new goodies arrived for Tyler Lee's cot and he had great fun snuggling up to them once bedtime arrived, he's such a lucky little duck. On Tuesday we went for a walk in the woods and then I got my boy to act like a little model, dressing him up in his adorable handmade fox hoody to get some cute snaps of him for a feature on the blog. On Wednesday Tyler Lee held an ice-cream cone for the first time ever and he quite enjoyed it I'll have you know, especially the sprinkles, I think more trips to the ice-cream van are in order for him! On Thursday my boy came to the city with his daddy and I and got some new clothes, again he's such a lucky duck and I'm jealous! We then went to Barryscourt Castle and took some pictures of him running around the orchard, I caught him in a rare sitting still pose, I'm amazed! Finally, on Friday, I put some water in the paddling pool along with his play balls and put his slide in over the edge, he slid down into the water and thought it was the best fun ever, for a short time anyway, toddlers attention spans aren't the greatest, especially my little one who gets bored so easily.

It was a great summery week, lets hope it continues to be positive and fun for us both.


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