Saturday, July 19, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 193 - 199 ♥

 Another week of my sons life has gone by and this was a week where I was determined that we'd spend more quality time together and I'm capture images of him doing everyday things. I think I did well but it's so hard to catch him on camera now as he never stops moving! On Saturday he had a day with his daddy while I was out at my event. They watched films together, went for a walk and had lots of fun playing with all of Tyler Lee's toys. Yay for father and son time!

On Sunday my boy was busy being an active little toddler and was running around his nana's garden with the dog. As you can see this picture is a bit blurry, the little scallywag wouldn't stop moving around! He was eating Organix carrot sticks and taking four out of the pack at a time, what a little greedy guts! I think he just didn't want me to have any!

 On Monday night after his bath I brushed Tyler Lee's hair down to give him a little comb-over, he looked so cute! The minute I ruffled his hair though it went back to his springy curls again, it'll never stay straight!

On Tuesday my boy was playing in his room after visiting my aunt. He had lots of fun climbing up on his toy box and looking out the window, he's amused by the little things in life.

On Wednesday my boy turned 17 months old. How times goes by so quickly I'll just never know. He's no longer a little baby and is such an independent little toddler now. I couldn't wait to get him in this outfit either, crisp, white linen with Peter Rabbit hand-embroidered into it, cuteness overload! People said this picture was like "an angel descended onto Earth" I don't think you could get more of a compliment then that!

 Daddy took Thursday nights picture of Tyler Lee and I absolutely love it. Our boy was smiling loads before his bedtime, that precious little angel loves his sleep so much, he looks forward to going to bed every night.

 On Friday my little love was running around the garden causing all types of mischief after his lovely lunch out in one of our favourite restaurants. I loved his outfit too, anything with Paris on it is a winner for me!



  1. Ypu've had a fantastic week full of important events. <3 He's so cute in that picture after taking his bath :D


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