Friday, July 04, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 179 - 185 ♥

 Another week as flown by and we've entered a new month in my sons life. This week he's been suffering terribly with his teeth, the back ones are appearing and the pain is really getting to him but he's still smiling through it all the little dote. This week he was being a smiley boy after having his breakfast, how I love that little smile. He was playing with the ball in the back garden and actually kicked it, something he had never done before, he then picked it up though like he always does, I think he'd be the goalie in a game of football! He was putting his hand up to his ear and pretending it was a phone, he does this with different objects too, it's so cute to see him jabbering away to his 'phone'. We had a mumma and bubba day when I took him to Fota Wildlife Park, it was 23 degrees and all he wanted was to be carried so I had him in one arm whilst I pushed the buggy with the other, I was exhausted at the end but he was happy, especially when he was having his ice lolly. He was being all serene and mellow after his bath on Wednesday evening, I love when he curls are wet, they look so tight and lovely. He was playing with the toys in his room, especially his ukulele whilst I was tidying out which toys he no longer plays with. It's so sad to be packing up his baby toys but I just can't have the clutter anymore! Finally, today is a rainy, dull, horrible looking day so my little one has retreated to his bed for a long nap. I always think he looks like such a little angel whilst he's sleeping. I can't get enough of those curls and that sweet little face. I'm such a lucky mumma.



  1. Ahh you are a lucky mama! He's lovely hun x

  2. aaaw look at his lovely head of curls, what an adorable kid. Hope he feels better soon x

  3. He s so cute!
    nice pics and post!

  4. The photos are very sweet. Your boy is lovely and so photogenic :)

  5. He's growing up and getting more beautiful every week. I love these kind of posts.


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