Thursday, July 03, 2014

Outdoors & Camping Wish List ♥

Once the summer months arrive no one wants to be stuck in doors, not even me and I love being inside! I've decided that when my son is a bit old, possibly next summer that I'd like us to go camping, just the three of us and I think it'd be so much fun! I've never been camping before but I think it's something which every child should get to experience and I think with my son being such an avid nature it'd be lovely for him to spend some nights in the great outdoors. We already go on long walks in the woods, spending time on the coast but I would love to explore more of Ireland with my boys, go on treks and embrace the great outdoors even more. There are so many products available now to make your camping and outdoor experiences more enjoyable and comfortable with sites such as e-outdoor stocking a hole host of great, affordable outdoor clothing and equipment from reputable brands such as The North Face, Barbour and Jack Wolfskin. I've put together and outdoor and camping wish list of some gorgeous pieces I've spotted which I'd love to have for our camping trips.

1. Barbour Wool Buttermere Duffle Womens Coat - Now this really is a wish list item as it's quite expensive at £299! I really do need a new coat though and I love the style of this one, I think it's be so warm and hard-wearing though, just what a need. This would definitely be a coat to see you through autumn and winter for years to come.

2. Go Systems Dynasty Duo Stove - If we're away on a camping weekend we obviously have to eat and it'd be great to have a delicious dinner cooked in the great outdoors. This duo stove is perfect as you can cook two things at once as well as boil water so it'd be a great aid to a camping weekend and keeping us all fed and watered.

3. Vango Sigma 300 - 3 Person Tent - This tent says it's easy to pitch which is something we definitely need with a rowdy little boy on our hands! I like the dome shape of it and as it sleeps three people I think we'd all be quite comfortable in here. This tent is only €117 too which I think is a great price for a three person tent.

4. Gelert Sleeping Pod -  I think these sleeping pods look so comfy and also quite stylish, I love the pod shape rather than a plain, old sleeping bag. At €47 they aren't too expensive either. I think we could all have a great nights sleep in one of these.

5. Teva Womens Jordanelle Insulated Boots - My feet are constantly freezing and get sore quite easily from my shoes and socks (I have no idea why!) so I need a good pair of boots which are warm, comfortable and stylish. These Teva Womens Jordanelle Insulated boots are gorgeous. At €116 they're on the pricier end of the scale but this is a wish list afterall!

I'm really looking forward to all the camping and outdoor trips my little family and I will have together. I hope we'll all love our outdoor experiences and have some great memories to cherish and laugh about from them all.

 *This post is a guest collaboration*


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