Sunday, July 06, 2014

My Bucket List 2014 - Half Year Update ♥

We're over halfway through the year so I thought it was time to give you all a little update of where I am in my Bucket List 2014 and how many things I've been able to cross off it. It's good to look back and reflect on what goals I've already been able to tick off my list but also to look back and see if the rest of the things I wanted to achieve are still attainable in this second half of the year, unfortunately some aren't. Out of a list of 50 things I've so far managed to cross 21 things off my list, not bad going at all! Some things just aren't going to be achievable though, we won't get to holiday outside of Europe. We wanted to go to Morocco but it just wasn't somewhere I felt I could take Tyler Lee yet as it would be too hot for him. I'd love to take him to swimming lessons but getting into my togs, in a pool, in front of other people -eek! I really want to learn to sew but I must hop to it, if anyone has any good tutorial website for sewing please do let me know of it in the comments box. As for baking a dessert of cake every two weeks, I did until I began my Herbalife journey on April 30th, I just can't be around sweet treats like that, I know I'd eat them all! Writing more letters has gone out the window as I just don't have the time. I really want a spa day, I think I may look into taking Jacek for his birthday just to get one! I didn't give up chocolate for Lent, bold Fiona. The rest of the things on the list I'm hoping to get done and will try my best to do them all. I've added in links below to some of the things I've completed and the story behind them.

1 .Holiday outside of Europe.
2. Take my son to swimming lessons.
3. Visit the Cliffs of Moher.
4. Lose weight. (Done May 2014)
5. Have date night with my fiance once a month.
6. Make progress with my son's scrapbook. (Done 01/01/14)
7. Learn to sew.
8. Bake a cake or dessert at least once every two weeks.
9. Visit Dublin.
10. Write more letters.
11. Have dinner out more.
12. Be more creative with my cooking.
13. Take a picture of my son everyday for a year.
14. Get a new laptop. (Done June 2014)
15. Have more nights out with the girls.
 16. Take my son to the beach. (Done 25/02/14)
  17. Visit the Channel Islands again. (Done June 2014)
18. Find a signature parfum.
 19. Die my hair blue. (Done 14/01/14)
20. Have a spa day.
21.Get a new lipstick with Back To MAC.
22. Get a fringe and like it. (Done 15/02/14)
23. Watch the sun setting on a beach.
24. Have a picnic. (Done June 2014)
25. Make something for my home.
26. Move house.
27. Visit Spike Island.
28. Learn more Irish and Polish.
29. Read at least 15 books in full.
30. Get HD brows again.
31. Print out all my sons baby pictures.
 32. Buy a Yankee candle.(Done 21/01/14)
33. Give up chocolate for Lent.
34. Swim in the sea. (Done June 2014)
35. Go to a Yoga class.
 36. Have a bath in candle light. (Done 04/01/14)
37. Surprise my fiance.
38. Improve my blog.
39. Keep a dream diary.
40. Take my son to Fota Wildlife Park. (Done 02/03/14)
 41. Enjoy my birthday. (Done 09/03/14)
  42. Organise a blogger meet up. (Done July 2014)
43. Make a new friend. (Done 18/01/14)
44. Have a takeaway night.(Done 18/01/14)
45. Take my son to the playground every week.
46. See fireworks.
47. Take my son to feed the ducks. (Done May 2014)
48. Drink champagne. (Done 01/01/14)

As you can see I have some pictures of my goals too which is really nice. I hope to have a picture of every single one after I complete them. It's such a nice keepsake to have, to look back on and see all the goals I achieved in 2014, not just in words but also in pictures.

Lets hope this half of the year is even more productive! Do you have a Bucket List? How is it going for you?



  1. Ah wow this is such a brilliant post idea and you've done lots of lovely things already! Loved reading this.

    Kimberley // Kimberley's Beauty Blog

    1. Thank you Kimberley! Glad you enjoyed reading it :) xo

  2. What a beautiful post!! I've always wanted to write a bucket list but I wouldn't know where to start! x

  3. So beautiful pictues!
    LOL!I love the one with the kisses !
    Have a nice sunday!

  4. This is such a fabulous list hun, No.10 is something I need to do because my penpals havent been replied too since erm.. March oops x


  5. Wow, you have achieved so much already! Way to go!!! Also, I love your blue hair, it looks ombre to me :D I have mine ombre at the moment (going from ark brown to blonde, although it's a bit orange in places, eek!) xx

  6. This is a great list! It's good to see that you have already ticked so many things off.

  7. Well done on completing some of your bucket list! I always create bucket lists and forget to complete them.

  8. Well done on ticking some off.

  9. This is a great list! You're doing well with it!
    I think its great you have a mix of big things and smaller things too...I should have done that, I don't celebrate and appreciate the little treats like a bath or buying a candle enough! I`m going to take inspiration from you for next years Bucket List :)

    Thanks for linking up with #SundayBest :)


  10. Great post & I love the beautiful photos :)

  11. I dare to say it's really good for half a year. I love TL's kisses picture :D


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