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Loving Lately: The Toddler Edition ♥

If you read my blog quite regularly you'll know that I have a 'Loving Lately' feature where I show all the lovely things I've been loving, well I wanted to extend this feature to include my son so I now present 'Loving Lately: The Toddler Edition'. Tyler Lee is such a lucky boy and gets lots of new products, clothes and toys every month so I wanted to feature some things which have really made a difference to his life or what he has simply enjoyed playing with as well as things which I think have been great for him on the blog. I actually enjoy shopping for Tyler Lee more than myself so I can't help sharing great toddler products I come across so if you're a parent like me who just can't help getting new things for the little one in their life then I think you'll like this feature just as much as I did writing it!

  Raggtagg Pixie Handmade Fox Hoody. Tyler Lee has had this hoody for awhile now and I've been dying to show it to you all as it's so unique and gorgeous but of course it's been absolutely boiling, what with it being summer and all that jazz, but when it began drizzling today I took it as my opportunity to show it to you all. I stumbled across the loveliest little page on Facebook for Raggtagg Pixie, a handmade business which makes the most unique and fun adults and children's clothes. When I saw this fox hoody it immediately caught my eye.This hoody is handmade in Cornwall, England and has every feature of a curious little fox on it - a white chest, a tail, claws, green eyes, whiskers and ears, it's such a gorgeous piece of clothing and perfect for a parent like me who loves both handmade and dressing their child up in animal character clothing whenever they get a chance to. This hoody is beautifully made down to the very last detail and the burnt orange colour is so striking. The hoody is made from fleece and will be such a lovely thing for Tyler Lee to wear once the colder autumn months set in. You can find this adorable hoody and get one handmade for either yourself or a special little one in your life from the Raggtagg Pixie Etsy store. Expect to see a lot more of this hoody in future outfit of the day posts from Tyler Lee. What I love about clothes like this is that it's highly unlikely any other little ones in our area will have something like this, I like Tyler Lee to stand out and have something a bit exclusive. Isn't he the most adorable little fox cub?!

 GumiGem Bubba Bag. It seems as though Tyler Lee has been teething since he was born and we've spent so much money on trying to find something to ease the pain of it all, so far every teething toy has been more or less a fail with him losing interest in it almost instantly but then the GumiGem Bubba Bag came into our lives. This sweet little Bubba Bag is modeled on a mother's handbag, something which I'm sure little ones love rooting through (I never let TL near my handbag for fear of losing something!). The Bubba Bag comes with four items which you may find in a mother's handbag and all are made from soft, flexible silicon which is perfect for little ones to chew on. All items can be used from birth, except Tyler Lee's (and my!) favourite, the keys, which can be used from 10 months on. This is such a great item for babies, not only does it include four great teethers which are the perfect size for small hands, it also acts as a fun toy allowing little ones to take items in and out of the bag whenever they so wish. Each toy can be looped onto a dummy clip too, making them the perfect teething toy to bring with baby when out and about I wish I had discovered the Bubba Bag sooner, Tyler Lee really loves it and it would have been so beneficial to him months ago. The GumiGem Bubba Bag is £21.95 and can be purchased from the GumiGem website.

Burt's Bees 2-in-1 Diaper Cream & Baby Powder and Tear Free Baby Shampoo & Wash. Since Tyler Lee was born I've gone through a whole array of baby creams trying to find one that actually works and one that won't irritate his delicate skin. I've recently begun using this Burt's Bees 2-in-1 cream which has baby powder in it too, it's been great for his skin and we've almost made our way through the whole tube! The Tear Free Shampoo & Wash is another great Burt's Bees product. I love the smell, it has a slight honey scent to it, fitting for the bees name. It lathers up really well and leaves Tyler Lee's hair looking shiny and feeling very soft. The 2-in-1 Diaper Cream & Baby Powder is €11.99 and the Tear Free Baby Shampoo & Wash is €10.

 Chad Valley Junior Slide. On Saturday we got Tyler Lee his first ever slide and guess what... he loves it! He's able to get up and down it himself and has so much fun sliding down it over and over again. We picked up this slide in Argos, it's the Chad Valley Junior Slide and is 4ft high, it's perfect for him as it's so sturdy and it was so easy to put together too. It was an absolute bargain price too at just €25.59.

 Fisher Price Classics Change-a-Tune Piano. Tyler Lee has received some new toys lately and has had so much fun playing with them all, something which I'm so glad to see as he's had a slight aversion to toys since he was born. His current favourite is his Fisher Price Change-a-Tune Piano from their classic toys range. This toy was first released in 1969 and has been remade for modern little hands. He loves sitting down and patting on the keys to play the tune, what's great is that he thinks he's playing it for real. The piano has three changeable tunes - Pop Goes the Weasel, Do You Know the Muffin Man and This Old Man, all timeless children's tunes and ones which I'm happy to sing along to whilst Tyler Lee is playing.

Funky Giraffe Bibs. A baby/toddler can never have too many bibs, right?! Tyler Lee has a whole drawer full and recently added some gorgeous new bandana bibs from Funky Giraffe to his ever growing collection, These bibs are super soft to touch and are made fro 100% cotton. They have a fleece lining on the underneath to keep dribble from soaking through to little ones chests and clothes, this is essential for teething babies! They have double poppers so you can change the fit to suit your baby's size and it's actually great to have this as the bib can be adjusted once they get a little bigger. Funky Giraffe have an amazing choice of designs available too, all are absolutely gorgeous. I've also seen that since I ordered Tyler Lee's bibs they've added some more gorgeous designs to their range, I must invest! I think a bandana bib is not only an essential item for little ones but can also be quite a fashion statement too and Funky Giraffe bibs really do make a fashion statement! The designs I choose for Tyler Lee were Black and White Cats, Red Cloud Cupid, Large Blue and White Spots and Blue Seahorse. I cant recommend these bibs enough, they're such good quality, the prints and colours are so vibrant and better yet, my little one can't tear them off as the poppers are so sturdy! You can browse the full collection and purchase Funky Giraffe bibs on their website.



  1. Love Funky Giraffe Bibs,have used them since Amelia was born! No soak through & love the designs!xx

  2. i swear by burts bees. great products for all the family

  3. Tyler Lee is so cute!!! :-) I really like Burt's Bees.

  4. My Annabelle has that very same Fox hoody! I bought from the same fabulous Raggtagg Pixie for last Christmas. I also got a Leopard one made for my 'then' 8yr old. Both girls ADORE them and they are so snuggly, and therefore perfect for those drizzly days and Winter months! Gorgeous pics of your little man!! x

  5. I've seen the fox hoody before, but I haven't seen it from behind, so I just discovered the tail, which makes it even cuter :D Love it


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