Thursday, July 17, 2014

Goodies Via Courier ♥

A box full of beauty goodies for the Cork Meetup.
 As a blogger I have received a lot of deliveries via courier as well as lots of post via my normal postman. Some days I can get up to three deliveries (amazing I know!) a day and on the run up to my Cork Meetup event last week I received a lot of boxes from couriers full to the brim with gorgeous beauty goodies for all of us to enjoy. One courier company which always seems to be at my door is TNT Direct, a company which always seem to deliver swiftly and have very professional, friendly drivers, in fact, I just received a delivery via TNT Direct yesterday and the lovely man even carried the heavy box I received into my hallway for me. As an avid snail mailer too I wish I had used courier companies such as TNT Direct to deliver some of the bigger boxes of goodies I've swapped with girls overseas, it would have saved me a lot of hassle and money as I'd have been guaranteed that they wouldn't have gotten lost in transit - I'll live and learn! 

I'm not going to lie, I absolutely love getting deliveries to my door with amazing products to review. Yesterday's delivery was a box with some gorgeous goodies in it for Tyler Lee for an upcoming blog feature and I really can't wait to show them to you all. I really wish I had taken pictures of all the boxes which had arrived for the event, I was really inundated with boxes, four huge boxes a day on some days! However, some people when they hear about how many deliveries bloggers receive on a weekly basis say/think that they should take up blogging, that's something which I hate as I don't think anyone should ever enter the blogging world just for the free stuff, these types of perks come in time after you have established yourself as a blogger and  I just don't think they realise that as bloggers we're not receiving lashings of courier deliveries and goodies via the post just for nothing, a lot of hard work and hours go into reviewing/promoting the items we receive. I think some people hear the word 'blogger' and just imagine lots of deliveries and free stuff, yes it is sometimes part and parcel (excuse the pun!) of this hobby but that's not all it's about. I count myself very lucky to receive lots of deliveries and getting to review for some of my favourite brands, it's not something I ever dreamed of before and I am so thankful that blogging has opened up this whole new world of opportunities for me because I simply couldn't afford these products otherwise. I never boast about or show the boxes I receive much as I always think people will get the wrong idea but I just wanted to give you all a glimpse into one part of my blogging world. 

Are you a blogger who does reviews? Do you received a lot of boxes via courier?


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