Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fluffy Fields - La Millou Toddler Blanket, Pram Pillow & Long-eared Bunny ♥

Tyler Lee recently received some gorgeous new cuddly bits for him to snuggle up to all from Irish baby and toddler product site Fluffy Fields. Fluffy Fields are a distributor of La Millou products, a new brand which uses vibrant colours and eye-catching prints to make their products, fun, unique and memorable - all things which a childhood should be. 

 Tyler Lee got the Hipster Lady/Electric Blue toddler blanket and I can honestly say that this is one of the nicest blankets he owns (I have a think for blankets if you didn't know!). The print is so fun with a little hipster bear and fox, musical instruments, positively worded speech bubbles, pennyfarthings and mustaches. The blanket is double sided, the other side being covered in super soft minky and popcorned electric blue fabric. This blanket is filled and actually has the feel of a cot duvet, it's fantastic quality and Tyler Lee has already been snuggling up to it at bed time, it's a lovely addition to his cot and really is gorgeous. Fluffy Fields have so many gorgeous prints to choose from in their products, I have my eye on the Cupcakes and Hipster Lady/Dusty Rose prints if I ever have a girl, they are so pretty!

 The second item Tyler Lee got was the Hipster Lady/Electric Blue Sleepy Pig Pram Pillow. I thought this was such a fun looking pillow with the pig shape, minky ears and tail. I got this in the same print as the toddler blanket as I wanted it to match for Tyler Lee's cot. He loves cuddling up to things when he's going to sleep so I thought that this pillow would be just perfect for him as it has the minky bits as well as normal material. It's also thin enough to support his little head but be comfortable for him at the same time and not put any strain on his next. This is a lovely, soft pillow and Tyler Lee loves it.

 Finally Tyler Lee, the lucky boy that he is got the Turquoise Long-eared Bunny which is just adorable. He loves bunnies so I knew this would be a real winner with him. The minute he saw this his little face lit up and he gave it a cuddle. The bunny features long, floppy ears which Tyler Lee had great fun playing with. The bunny is made from the same minky material which features on toddler blanket. This is such a lovely soft toy and Tyler Lee has even been using it as a pillow, he keeps putting his head on it whilst he's sleeping.

 All of these gorgeous products are stuffed with anti-allergic filling ensuring the best comfort possible for baby/toddler. Each of these products also came in an eco-friendly linen bag with a little heart hanger printed in the various fabrics which the Fluffy Fields products are available in. I now have three of these little hearts hanging above Tyler Lee's cot, they're such a lovely little touch to the product packaging and it's great that the packaging can be reused for other things too. 

Fluffy Fields have such a gorgeous range of high quality products which are absolutely adorable and perfect for making little ones comfy and content. I really can't get enough of their toddler products, it's safe to say they're my favourite product from the range. I also have my eye on a gorgeous buggy liner from Fluffy Fields, the perfect excuse to make Tyler Lee's buggy look a little bit more fashionable in a fun, vibrant print. Tyler Lee is truly sleeping in style with these new Fluffy Fields additions to his cot.

You can find the above mentioned products and browse more of the range on the Fluffy Fields website.



  1. Hello Fiona, love all your comments. But I love baby products . Amazing review :)

  2. I want that bunny, lol! All of these are really beautiful!

  3. Really nice things. Now I want a baby :-)

  4. this is so cute !:) this is perfect for someone who is pregnant and having a baby !

  5. Oh my gosh, the animals look so cute. i wish I had these for my kiddoes.

  6. First off, your son is adorable!! Secondly, so is that rabbit!! I really want to get one for my boy. He adores soft cuddly items. :-)

  7. I am so in love with the hipster blanket so cute and so is baby T

  8. Your little man has the bluest eyes!! These toys look absolutely adorable and soft. These would be a great baby shower gift.


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