Monday, June 16, 2014

Tyler Lee - 16 Months Old ♥

 My beautiful angel man, you're now 16 months old, where is the time going at all?! This month I can see that you're really growing up and getting so intelligent. You observe daddy and I a lot, without us even noticing and you copy what we do, I think it's time to get you some role playing toys like a kitchen and some pretend gardening things because you love being out in the garden watering the plants with . You understand things we say to you and I don't know how, how did my baby boy learn so many things so quickly?! You've been so happy and affectionate this month, I love when you're like this, you've regained your nickname as Tyler Smiler, that's for sure. You're starting to play with your toys more too, you especially love your wooden instruments, you like the ducky and jingle jangles most, you also pluck on the strings of your ukulele, I'm so glad you like music! You've been saying more words this month too - dad, daddy, hey, kiss, cat and you've even been trying to day your name 'iler' is what you can manage at the moment, so adorable. Everything and everyone is still 'dada' though, I think that's your favourite word. This month you also learned to clap hands and you always look so proud of yourself when you do when prompted by daddy and I, we're so proud of you too little angel man. These months are flying by far too quickly my TyLee, each day I get with you is such a blessing. Not only do I teach you things but you teach me a lot too and getting a cuddle from you makes everyday complete.

Weight - 22lbs - you've lost a pound!
Height -Very tall now.
Hair - Long medium blonde curls which are getting a bit matted now when you sleep. We're going to have to start using conditioning spray!
Teeth - 11 - Almost 12! You now have 7 on the top gum and 4 on the bottom, more are on the way!
Clothes Size - 12-18 months, going into 18-24 months in some brands
Nappy Size - 5
Favourite Food - Still raspberries.
Sleeping Time - One nap a day and sleep 12 -14 hours a night.
Loves - PupPup, pretending to be on the phone, playing with water, being outside, going for a walk, bouncing up and down on the bed, climbing the stairs, the hoover, being thrown up in the air, pretending to be dropped, running around, going out in your trike, going on a swing, older children, playing with the hair straightner and hair dryer.
Hates - Having your face cleaned, getting your nappy changed, when daddy goes to work, sitting still, being told 'no' or 'ah ah ah'.



  1. You have such a beautiful boy!! He is getting cutter everyday :D

  2. These pictures are stunning! He is beautiful without a doubt. PS: Use some Johnson & Johnson detangler on his hair before his goes to bed. Just a spritz and comb it through. I have the same problem and it works great without making my hair look dirty or anything the next day. Keep up the good mom and dad!

  3. Your boy is so cute and beautiful =)

  4. He is such a lovely boy. I love the photos :)

  5. Such a happy little boy ~ aren't his blonde curls adorable

  6. The most importantant thing is that you can see he is a very HAPPY baby. So I thing this is your biggest reward as parents as well :)


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