Monday, June 30, 2014

Stokke Steps Chair & Bouncer - The All-In-One Seating System For Your Growing Child ♥

Recently we were given a Stokke Steps Chair, all it's accessories and a baby bouncer to boot. We were so excited for it to arrive having seen the pictures on the Stokke website of the super stylish chair and after reading the countless positive reviews and we weren't disappointed when it came. We chose our bouncer and cushions in orange, a colour which is supposed to be very positive for babies and I love how it looks. The bouncer and baby set cushions for the chair are also available in red, blue and grey but orange was our definite favourite. It's so bright, vibrant and is quite fun, something which I think needs to be an element when it comes to baby/children's products. The Stokke Steps Chair is one of the most stunning children's chairs I have ever seen. It's quite modern and fits in with our home decor quite nicely. It isn't big or bulky and doesn't take up much room in our kitchen. It isn't too heavy either so can be easily be moved from room to room if needs be.
Beginning with the bouncer, it offers a very comfortable, cushioned seat for little ones and has a gentle, soothing motion to keep babies happy and entertained. The bouncer has an insert which gives a 'hugging' sensation for babies, such a lovely thing to comfort them and has soft, padded straps which all click together to lock in and make sure baby is safe. The bouncer also comes with a detachable toy bar, handy for providing extra entertainment and something for the little one to look at whilst they are bouncing. The toy bar is flexible too which is handy for older babies who may want to pull and grasp the toys dangling down in front of them. The bouncer feature four different seating positions which can be altered to your babies growing weight. This bouncer is most definitely one that will grow with your baby, suitable from birth it's something which will be used a lot, especially as it's so comfy! The Stokke Steps Bouncer is €195.

 As for the Stokke Steps Chair itself, this really is a stunning chair. We chose ours in natural wood but walnut is also available. This chair is so pleasing to the eye, it's stylish, chic and most importantly - it's functional. It comes with a whole host of accessories which you can pick and choose from depending on what you want the chair for and your child's age. It comes with a foot rest which can be easily adjusted up and down depending on your child's height. We love that Tyler Lee is able to rest his feet on this whilst eating or playing as he couldn't on his old highchair as it couldn't be adjusted. The Stokke Steps Chair itself is €210. We got the Baby Set which attaches so easily to the chair - in fact, no screwdrivers or any other devices are needed to set up the whole chair. The Baby Set is essentially the 'highchair' mode of the Stokke Steps. It's so sturdy and quite comfortable for children as it's ergonomically designed ensuring that your child is sitting correctly. The Baby Set features a chair back which can be used in two positions to accommodate younger children at different ages and heights. The straps on the Baby Set are the same as the bouncer and click together to lock in securely ensuring that little ones can't open them on their own. The Stokke Steps Baby Set is €104. With the Baby Set we also got a cushion set which matches the orange colour of the bouncer. I love the fact that everything matches for each stage of baby's development. The cushions are soft and quite padded, perfect for little ones to sit on and they cover the chair back too. The Stokke Steps Baby Set Cushion Set is €43.

 We also got the tray accessory which is ideal for making the Stokke Steps Chair and ideal highchair. The tray is quite large and is able to fit even Tyler Lee's biggest plate which I am delighted by as his old highchair tray was too small for this. It's super easy to clean and doesn't stain, in fact, every surface on the Stokke Steps Chair seems to be a dream to clean, just one wipe and it's clean, I'm impressed as meal times can get quite messy here! The large tray is also ideal for letting children play or draw whilst in the chair, not only is it a comfortable sitting space for little ones but also a perfect play place. The Stokke Steps Baby Set Tray is €51.

 Overall, we are delighted with the Stokke Steps Chair, Tyler Lee loves it and it's one of the nicest baby/child products we've ever had. We love all the accessories and the functionality of the chair itself. It's something which is used everyday in our house and is ideal for everything we use it for.

You can find more information on the Stokke Steps Chair and see more from the Stokke range on the Stokke website.



  1. These looks very stylish and incredibly comfy for the little ones x

  2. Its' comfort looks second to none. I'd love something like this for finley xx

  3. Love it. Aside from being very nice and comfy it provides a correct position for the baby. So yeah, it's a really good investment.

  4. I love the design!
    and it looks really comfortable!
    Nice post!


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