Sunday, June 29, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 172-178 ♥

 As the weeks go by this little munchkins personality just shines through. He is getting so grown up and is such a lovely little boy to be around. He was quite whingey this week but I'm putting it down to teething and being away from home and his famiilar surrounding. He did have lots of fun whilst he was away though as you can see from the pictures. He loved playing in the many play areas dotted around Jersey and I think he looks absolutely gorgeous in yellow. He was busy chatting away to a stick on the beach, he was having a grand ole conversation with it, I think he thought it was a phone but it was super cute, he had lots to chat about to that stick! He was also practising his baby yoga on the beach and looked so funny whilst doing so. He's such a little beach bum. He was running through little fountains in the park and it tired him out so much that he didn't even want to wake up from his wonderful nap but we had to get him up, we had to catch our plane home! Once we got home he was a little lazy bean and just wanted to sleep, he had and still has a terribly runny nose which I think is from being on the plane and the temperature change, my poor little poppet. He even slept until 8.45 one morning this week, I couldn't believe it! He was having fun sitting in a tub full of balls and was really hyper! I love when he's like that, he's so fun to be around and really entertaining to watch, he had a fit of giggles with his godmother too. Finally, my little nature lover was examining the plants in the back garden. I was surprised that he didn't pick and pull at them, he just held them in his hands, it amazes me how gentle he is, he's such a sweetheart.



  1. looks like he slept soundly after a fun day at the beach :)

  2. I know that type of conversations :)) But when they argue with all kind of objects they are even funnier, ' cause they're taking it so seriously lol. He could teach me some yoga, but he has to take it slow since I guess my head would spin from the first lesson. He\s so cutte. xoxo

  3. Looks like he had a great time.

  4. Such a lovely and sweet boy. The photos are so cute:)


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