Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 165 - 171 ♥

 I'm a bit late with this weeks (or should I say last weeks!) #Project365 update as we were away visiting my Dad and was taking a much needed blogging break but here it is. This week my boy was finding a new place to sit, in amongst his soft toys - so adorable. He was catching some sun at a friends sons 1st birthday party and was keeping his sun hat on... for about five seconds whilst enjoying the bouncy castle. He also turned 16 months old, another month of his life just zoomed by. He had his first trip on a plane and enjoyed the play area in the airport. He felt sand for the first time and had fun exploring the beach. He visited another castle and looked adorable in his little romper outfit. He also had another beach day and this time he enjoyed paddling in the shallow sea as well as playing with the sand.

Such a busy, adventurous week this was for my little angel man. I love the memories we made together... ♥



  1. You seriously have the cutest best even x

  2. I love the first picture! I remember when I was little and had a mountain of teddies! In fact, I still do on top of my wardrobe!

  3. Oh my gosh he is so cute!! I almost didn't notice him in with all his teddies! x

  4. Oh My gosh how adorable is your son? That curly hair is just so cute! These are great pictures and he looks like he is having such a lovely time xx

  5. Lovely photos. The first one is just perfect :)

  6. So many new experiences. The picture with him amoung the toys is the cutest pic I saw lately. <3


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