Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our First Family Holiday ♥

Last week my boys and I went on our first ever family holiday, something which was a great milestone in our adventure together as a family. We went to Jersey in the Channel Islands, a lovely little island with fabulous beaches, great weather and lots to see and do and also a place I visited every year as a child and teenager. We actually went there to stay with my father and his girlfriend and it couldn't have been a better place for our first family holiday as it's such a child-friendly place and a short flight to get there, perfect for families with an active little toddler like us. I just wanted to share some of our holiday snaps and show you all just how beautiful this island is. We had lots of fun, Tyler Lee had a ball running around the beaches, paddling in the water and playing in the sand, he had never felt sand before our holiday and I think it's safe to say that he's a beach bum - well he does have a surfer kind of look to him! He even went to far as to splash in puddles on the beach with all his clothes on! It was great to see him so happy.

We visited La Mare vineyard where Jacek and I went wine tasting, Jersey wine is actually quiet light and really nice, kind of wish we had bought another bottle now. We also took a visit to Mont Orgueil Castle (I'm losing count of how many castles my boys and I have visited!) which is a really beautiful spot that overlooks Gorey and is full of history, I'd actually love to go back. There were lots of amazing things to see there and the castle had quite a medieval feel to it Tyler Lee even sat on a little throne there, he is my little prince after all! We went to carboot sales which was great fun and a lovely way to spend the weekend mornings followed by a lazy afternoon on the beach.

Jersey is steeped in history and Jacek and I visited the war tunnels which are 33 feet underground. These tunnels were built and used during the German occupation of the island during World War Two and I found the place really very eerie but Jacek enjoyed it. We had lots of laughs in a blow up boat and after being quite apprehensive about it at first Tyler Lee eventually joined Jacek and I and quite liked lulling along on the crystal clear waves. I loved first family holiday. It was great seeing my Dad and Shirley, getting out and about and enjoying some quality time with my boys. 

 Having gone to Jersey I've been able to tick another thing off my bucket list for 2014 as 'visit the Channel Islands again' was one of my goals. I'm so glad we went and spent quality time together as well as seeing my Dad again as it had been over a year since I saw him. Spending time together and having fun is important, I wish my boys and I had more time to do these things here at home. This holiday has made us realise that we need our family time without distractions, we need to get out and about and just be happy in each others company more... ♥



  1. What gorgeous photos, a lovely memory of a fantastic family holiday! #UKbloggers

    1. Thank you Kate, it was fantastic indeed xo

  2. Aww, it looks like you guys had fun! It looked relaxing, which is always great.

  3. I used to love beach holidays as a kid.

  4. Beautiful photos. It looks like you had a great vacation :)

  5. Beautiful photos, lovely to see him having a good time and building happy memories.

  6. It seems that it had been a lovely holiday. It's great that you had not only a great time at the seaside, but also great places to visit. :D


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