Friday, June 27, 2014

Loving Lately... ♥

 Mrs. H - Handmade & More's Dolls. I have a bit of a doll obsession (hey, my blog is called Dolly Dowsie after all!) and recently stumbled across a lady who makes the loveliest dolls, I seriously can't get enough of them and I'm not the only one, they are super popular! I picked up Tyler Lee two Merbaby boys for his handmade shelf - which I shall be featuring on the blog soon and a ballerina doll for myself who reminds me of someone special. Mrs. H does the most beautiful Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood dolls too, they are on my wish list.

Vita Coco Kids Drinks. These Vita Coco Kids drinks are tasty, refreshing and a healthier beverage option for little ones as they contain around 20% less sugar and calories than other children's drinks on the market. Tyler Lee isn't a big drinker so I'm always on the lookout for something which may entice him to drink up and luckily he's been loving Vita Coco Kids, especially the tropical Mango and Pineapple flavour. It's great to see him drinking something healthy and tasty, and there was me thinking he didn't like anything with coconut water in it!

 John Frieda Brightening Oil Elixir. I'm using quite a few John Frieda products on my hair at the moment but this Brightening Oil Elixir really stands out. It makes my hair bright, shiny and soft as well as making it really manageable and easy to comb through after washing. I also use it on the ends of my hair why they're a bit dry to give a sleek and smooth look. This product smells gorgeous too, I'm a fan.

 My New Cushion Covers. I really can't get enough of them! I now have them on all the cushions in the living room and they really brighten the room up. These are all handmade and are done to perfection. I love how each flag is a different fabric, they are so pretty. Such a bargain too at just £1.50 each, these were my favourite bargain from last weeks carboot sales which you can read all about here.

 The new additions to my Urban Decay palette collection. I'm a lucky lady, recently my wonderful fiance treated me to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette to complete my Naked collection and also got me the new Electric palette - seriously how amazing is he?! I've yet to use my Naked 2 palette but the colours look gorgeous and it came with a free mini lip gloss. The shades in the Electric palette are so 'out there' and I can't wait to start experimenting with them. I've already worn the neon green shade 'Freak' and I loved it. Jacek was able to get both at a great discount too - bargain!

Tyler Lee's new Cath Kidston plate and cutlery. I've been wanting to get Tyler Lee a new divided plate for awhile now as his other one is quite small and I like to give him a variety of foods to pick at for his lunch and dinner. I spotted this gorgeous plate with polkadots and trains on it in the Cath Kidston store in Jersey and had to pick up the fork and spoon to match. I was delighted to see Tyler Lee using the spoon himself with his dinner, he's really taken to his new additions for meal times.



  1. I've also been using a lot of John Frieda products on my hair too I recently had it ombre'd blonde at the bottom and I find the John Frieda products are amazing! And they smell SO good!
    LOVE that doll, it's very unique, too :) xx

  2. awww what a cutie he is!! i love the little food set xx

  3. i'm defiantly going to have to give the john frieda products a try. I love it when you get your hair done as it's lovely and bright but as time goes on it gets really dull. I love that doll btw, it;s so cute!

  4. I absolutly love your new palettes! New makeups must be coming up soon I guess :D.
    I love coconut water, I could drink it forever if I could, I found it in a bio shop. It isn't tasty, so Tyler Lee woulln't like it. I tried to tempt my brother and I managed to make him take a sip, but he hated. :)) I loved it, but since it's pretty expensive I can only treat myself with it on very special occasions.
    I still can't get used to mermaid boys! I guess I got stuck with Ariel. lol


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