Friday, June 13, 2014

Eylure False Eyelashes ♥

 I love wearing false lashes on a night out but recently have began to wear them during the day too if I'm going somewhere special where I might be getting my picture taken with family and friends. I love the look they give to eye makeup and I think they're the perfect finish for a super seductive look which is all about the eyes! Eylure is my favourite brand for false lashes and are actually the brand which got me into wearing false lashes. Their lashes are such good quality easy to use and they offer different kinds for different types of makeup looks. I recently got to try out four different varieties of lashes from the Eylure range - Exaggerate No. 140, Definition No. 120, Volume No. 100 and Pro-lash and just by looking at them in the pack, especially the Exaggerate and Definition lashes I was really excited to try them out.

The lashes which I liked best and which I'm wearing in the above pictures are the Definition lashes. These have spiked tips to give drama and attitude to any eye makeup look but are subtle enough not to look crazy and 'out there'. Now I will admit, I do find false eyelashes quite fiddly to put on, I can always get one eye right but never the other it seems and I did have this problem with the Definition lashes too but I got it right eventually - persistence is key! Eylure lashes come with a little glue tub that you apply to the lashes, this dries clear. You then place them onto the lash line with a tweezers and when you eventually do have the right position you gently press down with your fingertips, it sounds so easy doesn't it? I think I'd be a pro at these if I was applying them every week. I love the look that Eylure lashes give to my eyes and the lashes are great quality too, once they're on they're staying on, no embarassing eyelash falloffs halfway through wearing them or wonky eyelashes - the horror! They are also great value for money as they can be reused, I easily get up to four uses out of my Eylure lashes before it's time for the bin. 

I highly recommend Eylure lashes to anyone who wants to create a dramatic eye makeup look quite easily. Eylure lashes are available from Sam McCauleys and other good beauty stores nationwide and are €7.20 a pack.

Stay pretty people!



  1. These look amazing on you! I so wish I could get the hang of false eyelashes! xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

  2. I can't complain much since mother nature has been very generous with me on this aspect, but when I see them on you I realise that false eyelases really are awesome. :D Since I already have 2 pairs I should give them a try. :D

    1. Thank you Alexandra, you're so lucky being blessed with long lashes :) xo

  3. Amazing look! I need false eyelashes now =p

  4. It looks very cool and very pretty on you :)

  5. I really dislike my eyelashes. I am so fair so I need lots of mascara to make them look gorgeous. Never tried false eyelashes these look great on you. Popping over from

  6. Eylure are my fav false lashes and I'm really loving the new packaging too! I have a draw full of them! xx

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog


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