Monday, June 09, 2014

Deciding On A Childs First Pet ♥

I think it's time for Tyler Lee to get his first pet. Growing up I always had a cat and a dog, for me having a pet was the norm and I used to feel so sorry for my friends who never had the joy of owning a pet, for me it just didn't seem natural not to have a pet. I wanted my children to grow up the same as I did, loving and respecting animals and experiencing the joy of having their own pet, whichever one they may choose - except tarantulas, mice, rats and snakes, those are pets which I would refuse to have in my house due to personal experience! Tyler Lee is very interactive with my parents dog and my cats, who are now 6 years old I'll have you know and he has a gentle nature with them, stroking their backs and giving them a pat on the head, I think it's time for him to become a pet owner. I would love for Tyler Lee to have a puppy to grow up with but I don't think he's ready for the responsibility that a dog brings at the moment, plus, we live in a rented property and pets aren't allowed due to our lease - boo! I think the best option for us and a great starter pet for Tyler Lee to have are fish.

Fish are generally very easy to maintain and don't require much attention apart from being fed. My little cousin has some fish and Tyler Lee loves looking at them swimming around and I also think he likes the bright colours of them too, fish are a very eye catching first pet for a toddler! When I was younger I used to think fish were a very boring pet, hence why I never had any, but really, nowadays fish can be quite a stylish pet and a show-piece in the home with sites such as All Pond Solutions offering a whole host of products to give your fish a loving, rather stylish home. I especially love the look of their kids fish tanks and think the boys set would be lovely for Tyler Lee. It would be nice for him to have his fish at home, learn how to feed them and for me to show him how to clean out the tank too. Hopefully it'll be the start of a great love of animals which will last him a lifetime. I only hope my boy will love animals just as much as I do. Hopefully he'll also love his little fish. I know of a pet shop which sells some lovely, neon coloured, bright, eye-catching fish so I think two of them would be a great first pet for my boy. 

How old was your child when they got their first pet?

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  1. Aw I think getting a fish is a great idea. It's so important to teach children to care for animals. We have four cats and Ethan adores them! x

    Alex x

  2. I love dogs, they are such a loyal and sweet pets than i think it's the best option.
    Tyler is adorable!

  3. Oh so sweet, the boy and dog! Friends =)

  4. Hi! My son's first pets were fish. He was about the same age as Tyler. Then, maybe for his fourth or fifth Christmas, we got him a kitten. I grew up with pets on and off but wanted my son to always have pets. When my son was little he loves the fish! We would lay on the couch at night with everything turned off and just watch them. It was quite relaxing for both of us. I think that would be a great place to start!

  5. I so agree with you about kids and pets - I was actually planning a post to talk about the reasons why! We have a cat and a dog, and my husband and I are always talking about what Arlo's first 'real' pet will be. I think we'll wait until he's a bit older, but I love the idea of fish. I might have to mention that to my husband.

  6. I had cats when I was little - I loved those kitties! Great companions. :)

  7. Such sweet photos!
    We have a cat and Angelina loves her a lot!)

  8. I had fish when I was a child, I even had a fish maternity :)) There;s nothing more cute the new born fish, they got only the head and a tiny tale. :). I also had a little turtle, very tiny as well, you can also consider it as an option. Altough it seems impossiple for such a tiny thing to actually understand something (it had the size of a coin lol) it could regonize my mother's voice, as she was the one who was claening it and sometimes fed it. I also thing that it's very important that children take contact with animals as early as possible. Unfortunately I have a dog fobia. I'vr never got bittten, or have an incident I just have it. And it applies to all dogs, no matter if they are small or big. Everyone suggested that I should get a dog of my own, but it's kind of complicate since we live on the 4th floor.

  9. I love dogs and unfortunately I never had one. They look so cute together :)

  10. awww his first pet how cute. hope got two fish but one died so now she talks about the swimming fish and the dead un!


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