Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Carboot Sale Bargains ♥

Whilst I was visiting my Dad I went to some carboot sales with his girlfriend and it's safe to say I have got the carboot sale bug. I never knew there were such bargains to be had and the gems you can find at carboot sales are actually some of the biggest bargains you'll ever find. Funnily enough, most of the things I bought at the carboot had never even been used! Let me show you what bargains I found...

 I picked up nine of these gorgeous, handmade cushion covers from a lovely old lady who had a stall full of her own creations, these being just some of them. I was immediately drawn to the bunting design as I'm a bit of a bunting-a-holic and I thought they looked beautiful. These are now split between my living room and bedroom and they give that shabby chic feel decor which I've been going for throughout the house. The backs of all these cushion covers are done in beautiful fabric too, that lovely woman has a great talent for sewing. These cushion covers were just £1.50 each and I got a bargain on a couple with two for £2.

 Off the same lady I picked up these two gorgeous looking cushions, she again sewed the covers herself. I love the fabrics she used and I think two of them are Cath Kidston fabrics, ones I love. I also think one of these cushions is a duck feather cushion so extremely good quality! These little beauties were just £2 each and are perfect for my bed.

 As you can probably tell I was a bit obsessed with this lady's stall so I went back a third time and picked up three lots of her gorgeous bunting which I think I'm going to stream across the living room ceiling to give the room a cosy yet fun feel. Once again some of the fabrics used are Cath Kidston fabrics. These bunting lines were just £1 each, a complete bargain! I also picked up the little felt heart for just 50p.

 At the same carboot I picked up this Cath Kidston posy print oilcloth bag for just £8 and it was brand new with tags, such a bargain! This retails for €22 so I got more than half off even when the currency is converted. I'm not sure I really need it but I couldn't resist it really.

Sadly my GHD has broken after 10 years so I really needed a new hair straightener just to cover me before I'm able to afford a GHD again and luckily enough Jacek spotted this GHD at another carboot for me and I snapped it up for just £2 - bargain! It's working perfectly and all that's missing are the round covers at the side which doesn't really make a difference to the straightener at all. Such a bargain!

 I was looking for fabrics to cover our couches (I hate the leather!) and spotted these duvet covers with pillow cases. I love the design on the both of them and only discovered once I got home that they're both king size which is the size of my bed so now I'm not too sure whether to use them as a duvet or to cover the couches, they're just so lovely! I picked up both of these and their pillowcases for £5.50.

I love wooden toys but find them to be quite expensive in the shops in my local area so when I saw this little pull along crocodile and snail I just had to get them for Tyler Lee. I love how they move along when pulled, they have a really cute motion to them and are great quality. These were £2 for the pair and he loves them.

I'm a huge Alice in Wonderland fan so when I saw this gorgeous pop-up book. It's very detailed and even had all the characters to go with it. I haven't been able to find this book online to price it but I picked it up for just £1.50 which I thought was a great price for something so lovely.

There are so many bargains to be had at carboot sales. I've even been looking up where they're on in my local area so I'm hopping to pop along and see what other gems I can find. I'm even thinking about getting my own pitch to do a bit of de-cluttering!

Are you a carboot sale fan? What's the best bargain you ever picked up from one?



  1. I LOVE carbooting. We go most Sunday mornings, it's so fun! We got a lot of baby stuff - almost-new toys, bouncer, moses basket stand, etc - but I mostly end up with books, shoes, nusual jewellery or nostalgic things I had when I was little! This week I got a little Top Gun suit for one of the babies for Halloween (brand new, €3), 5 books for €3 (including an Enid Blyton one I had when I was 7/8), a baby bath seat €2, and a talking Scooby Doo for €1. Love it, we're all addicted here! I did have my own pitch and found it quite hard to get any value for things, most members of the public are great but some....much more fun browsing :)

    1. Awh how lucky you are, would love to go every Sunday but I'll end up going on my own as the other half works weekends. I wish I had gone to get all our baby stuff too, I'll end up selling all ours there at some stage I think :)

  2. FAB!
    GHDs for £2 - best bargain ever!
    You did soo well, its amazing the little gems hidden away at car boots - I do love it :)

  3. I love those bunting cushions, so pretty and the Alice in Wonderland book is lovely too x

  4. I love the cushions, so pretty!

    Jess xo

  5. wow, I love those cushion covers and I can't believe how cheap they were! You got some amazing bargains there!

  6. OH those bunting pillow cases are so pretty and £1.50 each is a bargain for handmade! Carbooting can be fun, we went to our first in over a year last week, but I just bought 2 tops!
    Two Hearts One Roof

  7. You got some lovely items - the floral cushions are so pretty! I love going to carboot sales as you never know what you are going to find! :)

  8. I love a good bootsale, was my fave thing to do when I lived back at home with my mum and dad, getting woken up extra early to grab the bargains! I so can't wait to drive and bundle my own little family out the door to do a bootsale x

  9. Wow, you got yourself some right bargains! Well done. I'm very jealous! x

  10. Amazing buys!! I haven't been to a car boot in absolutely ages, looks like I need to visit one soon!

    Jade x
    Beauty Butterfly | UK Beauty Blog

  11. You definitely don't go to the same car boot sales I do. Beautiful.

  12. Oh my gosh those cushions are gorgeous! And GHDs for £2, wow. I've not been to a carboot sale in ages!

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  13. GHDs for £2 is by far the best bargain, but the other things you got are beautyful and they perfectly match your style, from what I got to know you.

  14. I love when I get a bargain at a car boot sale ~ I should go more often.


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