Wednesday, May 07, 2014

What Tyler Lee Eats - Another Bento Style Lunch ♥

Marshmellow lollies - because everyone deserves a treat at the weekend!
  Another day, another Bento style lunch for my little one. I really enjoy making these little lunches for Tyler Lee and even though I don't have the fancy Bento lunch box yet and all the little accessories you can get I still think my lunches for him look quite appealing. I love the colour of them and he finds it quite fun to pick through everything. I thought this would be a fun and colourful lunch for him on a very cloudy and rainy day. He once again went for his sandwiches first which were lovingly cut into little heart shapes. He also tried new foods in this lunch by way of plum and peppered salmai, thankfully he liked both.

Included in Tyler Lee's lunch were -
Heart shaped peppered salami and cheese sandwiches on brown bread
Chopped strawberries
Chopped carrots
Chopped plum
Banana and strawberry yogurt with sprinkles
Marshmellow rabbit lolly

To put together this lunch I simply used an old Chinese takeaway carton, a baby food pot, a cupcake case and the yogurt pot itself. Making something fun and delicious for your child to eat doesn't have to be fancy or expensive. These lunches take me about five minutes to put together and are a real hit with my little one. These types of lunches are far more interesting to Tyler Lee than just a sandwich. He can pick through the different pots and mix and match whatever he wants to eat, he was even dipping his fingers into the yogurt, hence the mucky face in the last picture of him eating his lolly. I've been looking at some impressive Bento lunches online and really want to have a go at making something themed and creative for my boy and introduce some new foods to him once again.

Do you make Bento style lunches for your little ones? I'd love to see links to your posts in the comments below.




  1. Well aren't you a very creative mammy!!

  2. The rabbit lolly is so cute! Love it! Wish I had lunches that look as tasty as Tylers!

  3. Ahh, I'm always so jealous of these haha. Looks lovely and such a fun way to feed Tyler!

    Corinne x


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