Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday #3 - My Herbalife Journey ♥

Today marks three weeks since I began my Herbalife journey and I can safely say that my lifestyle and eating habits have changed for the better. For the first time ever I have no cravings for sugar whatsoever. I have no interest in eating chocolate, biscuits, cake or any other junk food, this was further revealed to me last weekend when Jacek brought home a cake from work and after about four forkfuls I had had enough. I actually thought to myself - "Why am I eating this, is it worth it? What benefit is it going to have on my body?" I knew that it would have no positive effects on my body so I didn't have anymore and I don't intend to anytime soon either. Yes a treat is nice once and awhile but that's all it is, a treat. I think that's the fundamental element I was missing before, I was having chocolate everyday as if it was a necessary part of my diet. My thoughts on food consumption have changed. I now eat smaller portions packed with protein and I'm really enjoying cooking my meals from scratch, adding in veg and herbs for flavour rather than salt and I'll feeling the benefits of it.

Enjoying my lunch time shake out in the sunny garden.
I woke up yesterday feeling like my stomach was flatter and I'm really starting to see the results of my Herbalife journey now. It's great to see hard work, determination and will power paying off not only on the scales but in the mirror too. People are telling me they can see the difference in me too which is great to hear and only spurs on my determination even more. I also feel as though my stomach has literally shrunk too. I find myself feeling full faster which is great. I had such a massive appetite after my son was born and I'm glad to have finally quashed that and not be feeling hungry all the time. My shakes and four pints of water a day are filling me up as well as my Greek yogurt, can of plain tuna and dinner packed with protein. I'm not getting sick of the shakes either which is something I was really worried about so it's all going really well.

I was unable to weigh-in with my Herbalife coach again today so I'm going off my own scales again but I will update these stats when I weigh-in with her tomorrow morning. According to my scales I've lost a whopping 17lbs, that's 7.7kg! I am absolutely delighted and achieved my goal of losing 4lbs this week as I was on the 13lb/14lb mark on the scales last week. What I've learnt is that all scales are different. If a surface is any way uneven the scales can jump up or down dramatically! I'll take my 17lbs and be absolutely delighted with that weight loss! I'm now just 6lbs away from the 2 stone weight loss mark and I'm feeling great and really proud in myself.

My goal for next week is to lose another 4lbs, wish me luck!



  1. Dear Fiona, congrats on reaching your goals. Me too I definitely need to eat less chocolate. I managed to quit drinking when I got pregnant and breastfed, and since then a tiny glass of alcohol is such a treat, but not more as I don't like the effect! Chocolate and greasy foods have the same control over your brain, It's good you can think about the negative impact a "useless" piece of cake has on your body. I truly hope however that you won't go down the route of refusing all foods, like I have seen a few friends and family members do and who, very rapidly fell in the anorexia trap! As I always say, All in good measures!

  2. Wow.You are really doing a great job on reaching your goals. I'm very happy for you :)

  3. Brilliant weightloss. My eating habits are terrible at the moment. I make all meals from scratch and are all balanced as Hubby, kids and I all eat the same. My problem is snacking, I love choc digestives and coffee or scones and latte if I go out! I just can`t get into the right frame of mind at the moment but reading your posts helps me to see people getting results through determination.

  4. Cute baby n I also have cute daughter


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