Friday, May 16, 2014

Tyler Lee - 15 Months Old ♥

 My beautiful angel man, you're now 15 months old and oh how you're growing! You seem to get taller each day and your hair gets longer each time I look at you it seems. You've completed a new milestone in you're life - you're walking! You began walking on the evening of Easter Sunday and now you're flying around the place, running around the garden and holding my hand walking along next to me when we're out and about, it's adorable. It's so funny to see you walking around, you're so grown up. You babble a lot now but still don't say many proper words. I think you try to say "hiya", "hello", "this", "cat", "mumma", "dada", you have your own little language and it's adorable to hear you chatter away. You love my phone and pretend to talk on it, it's so cute and if my phone isn't around you'll use something else as a phone, I think you like chatting! You love being around other children and always smile at them wanting to join in on their games, I don't think you realise how small you are. You love your cousin Tereza and she loves you, at least you have one 'big person' to play with. This month you've developed a fear of the bath, I don't know why but I'm really trying to make you like it again, you used to love splash splash! You're amazing baby boy and so much fun to be around. Your laugh is infectious and you love being tickled. You still come over and sit on my lap for cuddles and hand-holding, I still get a small baby vibe from you sometimes. I love to look at you as you sleep, looking so innocent, you still bring tears of happiness to my eyes when I look at you, you're the best gift I'll ever be given. I hope our summer months are full of wonderful adventures together with daddy. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures, I know you love that! I love you, stop growing up so quickly!

Weight - 23lbs
Height - Getting taller!
Hair - Long medium blonde, ring-tight curls yet a bit straight at the back.
Teeth - 11 - Almost 12! You now have 7 on the top gum and 4 on the bottom, more are on the way!
Clothes Size - 9-12 months in some brands and 12-18.
Nappy Size - 5
Favourite Food - Raspberries! You still can't get enough of them!
Sleeping Time - You now have one nap a day and sleep 12 -13 hours a night.
Loves - Puppy comforter, pretending to be on the phone, being outside, going for a walk, bouncing up and down, trying to climb the stairs, the hoover, being thrown up in the air, pretending to be dropped, walking, going out in your trike, going on a swing, other children, playing with the hair straightner and hair dryer.
Hates - Having your face cleaned, when daddy goes to work, sitting still, being told 'no' or 'ah ah ah', when mammy takes the camera out!


  1. Well he's a really cutie and his curls are so adorable.

  2. So cute, those curls are just adorable! This is such a nice way to keep a log of his progress!

    1. Thank you! Yes I love having this diary for him :)

  3. He's growing up so fast!
    Cherish every moment. He'll be so independant soon that'll be nostalgic of this period :)

    1. I know, time is going by so quickly. I love every moment I have with him xo

  4. Happy 15 months, sweet little boy!)


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