Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shiseido - Shimmering Cream Eye Colour In 'Pale Shell' & Lacquer Gloss In 'Lust' ♥

I love getting new makeup, hey, what girl doesn't? When that makeup is from one of my favourite high-end brands then I'm even happier and I just have to share my thoughts on these new products with you all as a lot of you said you weren't aware of this particular brands products before reading my previous reviews. I recently got Shiseido's Shimmering Cream Eye Colour in PK214 'Pale Shell', a beautiful soft shell-pink shade which blends like a dream and their Lacquer Gloss in RD305 'Lust', a vibrant blood red with a high shine effect.

I really love the Shimmering Cream Eye Colour, the colour is gorgeous and perfect for everyday wear. It highlights the eye area giving a subtle but quite pretty look. I like the texture of this eye shadow, it's not too thick and doesn't feel heavy when applied on the eyelids unlike other cream eye shadows I've used in the past, it also blends perfectly, is quite creamy and a small amount of eye shadow goes a long way. The formula of the eye shadow does have a lovely shimmer to it which looks lovely if used in the right way, it actually looks perfect when blended all over the lid and I even apply this up to my brow bone as the shade is so light. This is by no means a glittery eye shadow which will please those who prefer a more matte effect eye shadow but it does have a subtle shimmer which is a gorgeous look for spring/summer. The Shimmering Cream Eye Shadow lasted all day on my eyes and only began to crease when I wore it into night time which I think is really good considering this is a cream eye shadow and usually they crease on the lid like crazy! Shimmering Cream Eye Colour is €28 for a 6g pot which is very expensive but it will last a long time as you only need a small bit of product with each use.

As for the Lacquer Gloss, first off I love the colour. Before I was of the opinion that red lipsticks/glosses didn't suit me but I think this colour is gorgeous! I love the high shine and how lightweight it feels on the lips, it's not a gloopy feeling gloss by any means but for me it is quite sticky, hair down, plus wind equals hair sticking to the gloss and I can't stand it so this is one to wear on the balmy days with no wind or if I'm wearing my hair up. I think the pigmentation of this gloss is fantastic and it covers the lips really well in just one swipe. I like the wand applicator too, it gives a better application than those brush type lipglosses which I've tried in the past. The Lacquer Gloss is quite moisturising on the lips too, it doesn't dry them out and actually leaves them feeling soft and smooth long after it's worn off. I did get quite good longevity out of the Lacquer Gloss throughout the day, for me it lasts about four hours before having to reapply which I think it quite good going. Shiseido Lacquer Gloss is €25.

 I love how soft and demure 'Pale Shell' is on the eyes, I think it really does have a highlighting-type effect and gives a pretty, understated look which is perfect for daytime. I love the colour of 'Lust' and the high shine the Lacquer Gloss has. It gives a vibrant, bright lip which is perfect for both day and night use. Overall, I do really like these products, I think the pigmentation is great, the formulas of the products are long-lasting and easy to wear as they're so lightweight and I like the look they give. My only negative is the stickiness of the Lacquer Gloss but that's a personal bug bear of mine and the reason why I don't wear glosses too often.

Makeup used -
MAC Studio Fix Foundation in NW25
Shiseido Shimmering Cream Eye Shadow in 'Pale Shell'
Maxfactor Wild Mega Volume Mascara
Marks and Spencer Limited Edition Blusher in 'Pink Mix'
Shiseido Lacquer Gloss in 'Lust'
MAC Eyebrow Pencil in 'Dirty Blonde'

Stay pretty people!



  1. Loved the lacquer gloss! The colour is gorgeous and it looks so pretty on you!

  2. I must agree with you... this gloss has a stunning shade... I love it to!

  3. The shimmering eyeshadow looks gorgeous! A shade I would use.


  4. These colours suit your complexion perfectly!

  5. Love the gloss colour!! Great makeup


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