Saturday, May 31, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 144 - 150 ♥

 Another week another roundup... this week my boy and I have been going on lots of walks with his daddy but I never take my camera with me, I really need to start doing this. He's developed a fear of the bath and I've been trying really hard to make him calm and enjoy his splash splash once again, it's going okay but he's still not one-hundred per cent reassured, I really hope he'll start loving the water again soon. He's also been fighting his sleep this week although you wouldn't know it from all the sleeping photos! I think he's trying to change up his routine but I'm not having it, routine is everything for us and I've already extended his bedtime, I hope he starts falling asleep peacefully again next week. Along with the hard times this week we've also had a lot of fun. We joined a friend of mine and her son who is exactly three months younger than Tyler Lee and visited the local wildlife park again, TL was running around chasing after the birds and I caught a picture of him mid-run, he's so funny! We also had a BBQ in the back garden thanks to the lovely weather and TL had lots of fun running around outside with his daddy. He's such a daddy's boy and I'm delighted that Jacek has been around a lot more lately to spend time with our boy, they need their own time together too.

150 days have passed already and I've just looked back at all the photos I've taken of my boy already. It's amazing to see how much he's grown in these 5 months and all the milestones he's achieved along the way, I'm so glad I began this project to document a year in the life of my little angel man.



  1. Great photos. I hope you'll manage to make him love the water and to sleep more.

  2. Lovely selection of pictures.
    I hope that fear of the bath is just a temporary one and it will go away in no time

  3. Great photos! Your little boy is so cute! xx


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