Friday, May 23, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 137 - 143 ♥

 Another busy week has flown by and the busyness is the excuse for most of my boys pictures this week being of him in his cot at bedtime. This week he's been really loving his PupPup comforter, more so than usual and I think it's all down to his teething - those toothins seem to be popping up no end! My boy wore his first pair of shorts of the summer this week and was rocking his shades too, he even wore them while riding in his trike. I took him to the wildlife park at the weekend and he loved going down the slide in the playground with his cousin. He's been staying up later in the evenings and trying to make a new routine for himself, I don't mind as he's sleeping later in the morning too - 9 o' clock one morning this week, yes! He's been so happy this week and his crazy, cheeky, funny, entertaining personality has really been shining through. He's such a little actor and so much fun to be around. I love every minute I have with this boy, his smile is amazing and he's absolutely hilarious, he really knows how to cheer people up and fill them with happiness, a trait which I hope stays with him for life. I love my little angel man so much.



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