Friday, May 09, 2014

#Project365 - Picture Number 123 - 129 ♥

This week went by so quickly, it didn't drag like last week, my horror of a week and I'm so glad of that. This week has been a lot better and more positive and I really hope it stays that way. This week my boy enjoyed another Bento style lunch and looked super cute whilst eating it. Tyler Lee is naturally so tanned, I really don't know where he gets it from, it must be some of the South African sun in his skin passed on from his daddy. He also seemed to calm down in the bath during the week as both Jacek and I are there. As of late he's been terrified of the bath, won't sit down and screams the house down and I think I know why. It all has to do with a Vtech whale bath toy and I really am not impressed, I shall be writing about this next week and to be honest Vtech have not impressed me at all with their toys and I won't be buying Tyler Lee any from the brand again. He was also being a rascal this week and not falling asleep after I put him to bed. I got picture number three after he had been up there an hour and I went to check on him, I think the look on his face is so funny. He was also whizzing around the garden with daddy on his new Tiny Bike, as you can see he really loved it! I can't believe my boy is able to balance himself on the saddle of a bike already, he's growing up too fast. He's been climbing mad this week and climbed the bank out in the garden (and the stairs!) he was rather happy with his achievement too! He was also making friends with Salem the cat this week again. He loves cats and says a word with sounds like cat but that mightn't be what he was saying at all. I love the picture I got with him and Salem, he's delicately stroking his paw and I think it's the cutest thing in the world. Tyler Lee has a bit of an obsession with my phone and has taken to carrying it around the house and garden with him saying "hiya", he's already broke one of my phones, I really hope he doesn't break this one too!

I wonder what adventures next week will bring in my little boys life?


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