Monday, May 26, 2014

NOTD - French Connection In Bright Fuchsia ♥

 It's been absolutely ages since I've painted my nails but I had an event to attend last week and wanted to paint my nails in something colourful and something which would compliment the outfit I was wearing (it was a pink floral dress if you want to know) so I reached for one of my French Connection polishes which I got for Christmas,a gorgeously girly fuchsia shade with a high gloss finish - I love it! After I applied this polish I had to ask myself why on Earth I hadn't used it, or in fact any from French Connection collection since I got them. This polish went on really smoothly and even though it didn't have a fan brush it still went on pretty easy. The colour is gorgeous and really bright and the finish is really glossy, something that I love. I'm not wearing a topcoat on this polish either and it's lasting pretty well which is good going considering my hands go through a lot in one day. I'll be sporting this shade a lot this summer as it actually goes with a lot of my dresses, I must have a thing for pink!

My fiance picked up my French Connection nail polish collection in Boots at Christmas time but the French Connection website still stocks the 5 pack of polishes for £12 which you can find here. Do you like this shade? Do you have any of the French Connection nail polishes?

Stay pretty people!



  1. I love this color. Red mens for me love and pasion.

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  3. This is such a beautiful red toned pink colour! I've never actually tried a FCUK nail polish before but their signature fragrance and body care products are beautiful :)

    The Miss Beauty Saver Blog

    P.S. I've got a Wantable Beauty Box Giveaway up on my blog atm!

    1. I highly recommend these polishes, I love them :)

  4. Such a beautiful nail colour for summer!

  5. Great color! It is perfect for summer holidays! So glad they are close!

  6. Love the color. It is very pretty and noticeable :)

  7. I love that color!!! Now I want to get that color now (:

  8. I love red colour! It's beautiful and very sexy =)

  9. Wow, it's so beautiful. I love this pink color!!!


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