Monday, May 12, 2014

Morris & Co Soy Candle In Strawberry Thief Design ♥

I love candles, I have them dotted around my home and love to light a candle in the evening not only for the ambiance with the flame but also for the beautiful scents some candles I own give off. A new candle addition to my bedroom is the Morris & Co Soy Candle in Strawberry Thief print which I got from Heathcote & Ivory. This crafted soy candle comes in a beautiful box which is decorated all over with the Strawberry Thief design by William Morris. I think this print has such a vintage vibe to it and really is quite lovely with it's red colour, birds, flowers and strawberries decorated all over. The box is quite sturdy and I actually keep my candle in the box when I'm not using it, this isn't packaging to throw away. The candle itself comes in a thick, bespoke glass which is also decorated with the Morris & Co print, only this time in white and it's such a pretty thing. This isn't just a normal, functional candle, something nice to have lighting in the evening, it's really stylish and a lovely addition to any room in the home.

This candle has a really lovely scent which reminds me of something I can't quite put my finger on, it might be something from my childhood so it's quite comforting nonetheless. The scent is quite rich and earthy with sandalwood, amber, vanilla and patchouli making up the core ingredients of the candle topped with notes of bergamot, pepper, mandarin and red berries. It's a lovely, relaxing scent which fills up the whole room. This candle has up to 45 hours burning time which is quite good value considering that it's only £20, a great price for a decorative piece. However, the instructions on the candle state that you can only burn this for two hours at a time and leave an hour before relighting, I'm not quite sure why this is but I shall do what the candle says! A big plus about this candle is that it's not tested on animals, something which I'm always aware of when buying a product. 

This candle now sits on my bedside table and is a lovely piece to have in my room. I think this candle with it's ornate box would make a great gift for someone too as it's so pretty. You can buy this candle and browse other products from the Morris & Co Strawberry Thief collection on the Heathcote & Ivory website.



  1. I've never tried a soy candle before...
    btw... love the packaging... so lovely!

  2. I love candles but don`t tend to light them, I just like them for decorative purposes. I love the packaging on your candle it is so pretty.
    The Heathcote and Ivory website is lovely. I`ve got my eye on the birdcage filled with Vintage soap goodies.

  3. That candle looks gorgeous, I love the vintage style box.


  4. What a beautiful box, I am a sucker for good packaging. I love a good candle too.
    The Life of Leeshastarr

  5. ok I think the packaging is absolutely adorable i would buy it just for that x

  6. This is such a beautiful candle the packaging and glass design is lovely xx

  7. I'm not a massive fan of candles but even the box on that candle is gorgeous! x

  8. Wow love the box I love the candle x

  9. Love the candle and the box. So beautiful

  10. I think it s the most beautiful candle I ve ever seen;
    Thank you for this lovely presentation!


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