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Lisa Heeney All Natural Products - Bespoke Skincare Review ♥

I am a big fan of natural and organic beauty products and try to purchase and use them whenever I can. I feel far more comfortable using something on my face or body knowing that the ingredients have been ethically and organically sourced and will often read the packaging on products to see how natural the ingredients are and if they're cruelty free. I also love discovering Irish beauty brands as I like to support Irish whenever I can, so you can imagine my delight when during one #irishbizparty chat on Twitter I stumbled across the lovely Lisa Heeney and her All Natural Products. Based in Co. Louth Lisa makes the most beautiful handmade beauty products with a completely natural ingredients list which includes waxes, butters, essential oils and natural oils. All of Lisa's products are ethically sourced (a big plus for me!) and as they are handmade in small batches they are of the freshest quality, what could be better in a product that is going to be in contact with your face and skin?!

For the past few weeks I have been trying out some of Lisa's bespoke skincare products. Yes you read that correctly, bespoke, these products were made just for me, tailored from the information which I gave to Lisa in my online questionnaire and her follow up phone conversation with me. The phone consultation included questions about the condition of my skin, any issues I might have with it, what ingredients I didn't like to use on it or was allergic to and what I would like from a product, how I would like it to work for my skin, etc. Now I absolutely hate speaking with people I don't personally know on the phone but Lisa has such a kind manner and was very friendly so my super shy self was put at ease right away. We said our goodbyes and I then began my wait for my lovely bespoke skincare whilst Lisa got busy making them especially for me.

I think everyone knows how wonderful it is to get something which is just for you, something bespoke and that is tailored to your needs which is why when I got my products about a week after our phone conversation (although Lisa states on her website that it can take up to two weeks for you to get your products) I was absolutely delighted and eager to try them out. I received three products, all for my face, all wrapped up in the beautiful Lisa Heeney orange and pink floral logo wrapping paper. The products come in glass packaging and the serum has a dropper, the packaging has an old-fashioned apothecary vibe to it which I think is great. I had stated to Lisa that I wasn't a big fan of lavender scent so she told me that she would use rose oils instead. My bespoke products were all tailored for my face.

I got the Soft and Smooth Face Cream with Apricot Kernel, Rose and Neroli. This yellow coloured face cream smells beautifully of rose and has worked wonders for my skin. It is my favourite product of three I've received and I use it twice a day. It actually makes me want to use a face cream, something which I've been quite lazy about in the past and with this my skin is getting a real treat leaving it feeling soft and clean. I also got an Organic Rose Floral Spritzer which I use on my skin after cleansing. It's so refreshing on my skin and the rose scent is lovely. Finally, I received the Luxurious Face Serum which has Rosehip oil, Argan oil and chamomile amongst it's ingredients. This is great for moisturising the skin and I use it before bed. One issue I had stated to Lisa in my consultation was that I was having trouble falling asleep, she stated to me that the essential oils in her skincare were a great aromatherapy and would aid in helping me fall asleep as they have a calming effect. I can definitely say this is true. I have been sleeping a lot better since using these skincare products, something which was becoming a real problem in my life. Not only is my skin looking fantastic, smooth, clear and soft but these products have such a fantastic calming effect too. I feel so relaxed after my skincare routine now and the great thing is I don't see skincare as a chore anymore.

Now, onto one of the most important factors for people, the cost. I am happy to report that Lisa's prices are very reasonable for what she offers. The first consultation is €30, subsequent consultations have no charge. Cost of products depend on ingredients used but this is a guideline -
60ml of face moisturiser -  €25
100ml of organic floral water face spritzer - €10
10ml of face serum -  €20
Postage is included in the first order too. I think these products are fantastic considering that they are for something bespoke and tailored to your own skins needs, much better than spending €10 on a cleanser which may not work for your skin at all.

I highly recommend Lisa Heeney All Natural Products to anyone who wants to set up a good skincare routine and who also would like to try some aromatherapy. I have already recommended these products to a family member who is suffering with bad skin at the moment due to unknown causes. I really enjoy these products and will certainly be making a future purchase from Lisa, as I said I can't get enough of my face cream! You can read more about these products and browse more of the lovely, all natural products Lisa has to offer on the Lisa Heeney website. You can also follow her pages on Twitter and Facebook for regular updates.



  1. more interesting! thansk for sharing! :)

  2. This looks lovely. Bespoke beauty products seem so rare!

    1. They do don't they? I'm so glad I came across these and was able to add them to my beauty regime :)

  3. I love natural skin care and these look really pretty :)


  4. Looks great. I love natural and organic beauty products

    1. They are great, I'm glad you love them too :)

  5. Ive always been a fan of taking care of my skin and this looks great, dont find much like that in the UK.


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