Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What Tyler Lee Eats - Star Shaped Sandwiches & Lots Of Colour ♥

I'm beginning a new feature on the blog - What Tyler Lee Eats, where I'll be showing some of the meals I make for Tyler Lee, sharing recipes, pictures and my Bento box lunches that I'll be making for him. When I was pregnant I decided that my child would eat healthily from the get go, hoping that they would love fruit and veggies and I had a wish that they would reach for a piece of fruit rather than a chocolate bar when they were given a choice between the two - wishful hoping perhaps but I think Tyler Lee actually does prefer the healthier foods to the sweet treats. He loves berries and always eats them first when he's having his lunch, he then reaches for his sandwiches and finishes with things which may be considered treats such as a fruity oat bar or his flavoured Ella's Kitchen Puffits. I was important for me to set him up on a course of healthy eating which he would continue with for life and thankfully he seems to love everything I'm giving him so far.

Lunch for Tyler Lee is all about fruit and colour with a sandwich thrown in to give him some carbohydrate, protein and dairy with his ham and cheese filling. Also, I only use mature white block cheese, I don't give him any cheese slices/highly processed cheese. We only eat brown or wholemeal bread, no white in our house along with brown baps and tortilla wraps, I'll be introducing these to Tyler Lee too. I've been trying to make his meals look more fun and appealing to him as I want to start doing more Bento style meals, they look amazing and so creative, so I've been using some cookie cutters to cut his sandwiches into shapes, this lunch came with little star shaped sandwiches and he loved them, he found the size really easy to manage. I love how much colour he has in his lunches with all the fruit, not only do all the colours look appealing to Tyler Lee but all the fruits are so healthy too.

Included in his lunch were -
Ham and cheese sandwiches on brown bread cut into stars
A whole banana
Ella's Kitchen apricot oat bar
Ella's Kitchen raspberry and vanilla puffits

Using a separated plate makes it easy for Tyler Lee to choose what he wants to eat at a time without it all being mixed in together. I picked up this green plate for just €1.99 in my local Tesco.

I'm looking forward to giving Tyler Lee more creative looking meals filled with new foods for him to try. I'm going to try doing some proper Bento box lunches and shall be sharing with you all here on the blog and on instagram.

If you have any posts on children's Bentos or any good sources for Bento boxes and accessories please do share them in the comments below.



  1. I've just ordered loads of bits & pieces to start doing bento boxes for Amelia's lunch & dinners. Will post on my blog once they are arrive. Such a fun way to get your baby used to finger food & great for baby led weaning!

    1. I'd love to know where you ordered you things from, I'm looking for a good site to get some Bento stuff from :)

  2. mmmm this looks good enough to eat for MY lunch!

    1. I should really eat lunches like this myself! :)

  3. What Tyler eats? I would happily eat this for my lunch and I'm almost 28, ha! Looks fun and yummy!

    Corinne x

    1. Haha, everyone should have a healthy, fun looking lunch :)

  4. What an awesome looking lunch! I have been searching all over for those kinds of plates! :) x

  5. is a good site for bento things, but I think your version looks more appealing than any bento box I've seen! x

  6. Actually try here - worldwide shipping and 50% off accessories -


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