Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Tyler Lee's 1st Bento Style Lunch ♥

 This is my first time ever attempting a Bento style lunch box for Tyler Lee and I'm delighted to report that it went down a treat with him! He was after his last set of baby injections and deserved a treat so I made an extra special effort with his lunch today. I had seen Bento lunches for children on some of my favourite blogs and thought it was a great idea so wanted to try it for Tyler Lee. He isn't a fussy eater by any means but still, it's nice to make lunch a fun meal for him. I envision lots of colourful, tasty and themed lunches for my little babe from now on. As you can see I don't have a proper Bento lunch box yet so I used a Chinese takeout carton with a little food pot and cupcake cases to seperate the foods. I used a cookie cutter to make shooting star shaped sandwiches for him too, I thought these were so cute and they were the first thing he ate, he must have liked the new shape.

Included in Tyler Lee's lunch today were -
Ham and cheese sandwiches with olive spread on wholemeal bread, we only eat brown bread in our house, no white allowed!
Carrot sticks
Ella's Kitchen Raspberry and Vanilla Puffits
Ella's Kitchen Strawberry and Apple Nibbly Fingers Oat Bars
Strawberry yoghurt with sprinkles
A lamb shaped marshmellow lolly

Tyler Lee was super hungy after his injections and actually ate everything bar a few little scraps. He saved his treat, the marshmellow lolly for last too, saving the best for last! He won't be having a treat with all his lunches but I thought he deserved it with this one for being such a brave boy. I had so much fun preparing this lunch for him and it just shows, you don't need fancy plates, containers, etc. to do a Bento style lunch, even though there are some adorable things out there for making them and I might invest in a piece or two, after all, they'll be used everyday.

Have you made Bento style lunches for your little ones?



  1. What a lovely idea - so colourful and tasty! :)

  2. This is adorable! My mum used to have some sandwich cut out things and made me cute lunches every so often and I always loved it.

    Corinne x

  3. I love Bento boxes :D And this looks delicious ... I'd love to eat it myself! Haha

    Louise x

    Confessions of a Secret Shopper | An Undomestic Goddess

  4. WOW will it be awkward to go to work with a luch like this? :)))

    1. Haha not at all Loredana! I would love a lunch like this :)

  5. Lovely!! I wouldn't mind having such an awesome meal myself. haha. I'm curious if this would work to convince children to eat something that they wouldn't eat otherwise

    1. I think so Alexandra, if it was cut into fun shapes it might entice them to eat something they don't like :)

  6. Cualquier niño comería esta comida porque está muy bonito y parece delicioso, es muy buena idea

  7. This is so sweet. I love the idea :)

  8. perfect selection box for little ones

  9. Cute food! I'd eat it too:))

  10. I've just ordered lots of bits to start doing Amelia's Bento boxes. Can't wait to start & see what she thinks!


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