Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tyler Lee - 14 Months Old ♥

My darling boy, you're now fourteen months old, how has it been this long since I first held you in my arms, it only seems like yesterday I remember it so well. You're now your own person, no longer my tiny baby yet you still act quite babyish at times, giving me throwbacks to when I rocked you in my arms and cuddled you in tight, in fact, I've done both of these things with you this week, perhaps you don't want to grow up just yet. You're so affectionate, always putting your head against mine and saying "awwww", this is your own special hug and you do it to everyone you like. You hold my hands lots too, you're adorable and so friendly to everyone you meet, you're one of the loveliest people I know and that's not just because you're my son, you really have a kind-hearted, warm spirit. You took your first steps recently, three little steps towards me and you're well able to stand up on your own without holding onto anything but you're not ready to stop holding onto things as you walk yet, you need the balance. You've become much more vocal since you gave up your dodi during the day, it's now just for bedtime and I love listen to you chattering away, you have the sweetest little voice I've ever heard, you also said "mumma" this month but whether you meant it for me or not only you know. You've also begun saying something which sounds like 'cat' or 'that', it's so funny and really sweet. Your hair is so curly now, ring-tight curls, I don't even dare to brush them just in case I brush them out! I love every bit of you, you're so precious and I can't wait for our second summer together and all the adventures we're going to have.

Weight - Still no idea but you're so thin, just like daddy!
Height - Tall but I really do need to find out your exact height to record it for you.
Hair - Medium blonde and ring-tight curls yet a bit straight at the back.
Teeth - 7 - Yay, finally another tooth has arrived, you now have 4 on the top gum and 3 on the bottom, more are on the way!
Clothes Size - 9-12 months in some brands and 12-18 but they're too long on the arms and legs, it's still a roll up job!
Nappy Size - 4+
Favourite Food - Raspberries! You can't get enough of them!
Sleeping Time - You now have one nap a day and sleeps 12 -13 hours a night.
Loves - Puppy comforter, being outside, going for a walk, bouncing up and down, being thrown up in the air, pretending to be dropped, crawling, going on a swing, crawling around very fast, playing with the hair straightner and hair dryer.
Hates - Having his face cleaned, when daddy goes to work, sitting still, being told 'no' or 'ah ah ah'.
Each day with you is a blessing. Thank you for being my little angel man.


  1. He is so cute and the post is lovely :)

  2. He is getting more gorgeous with every post!! I love the setting for your photos too. Happy 14 months! x

  3. Tienes un niño muy guapo y las fotos son muy bonitas

  4. Ohhh he is such a cute gentleman.

  5. Happy 14 months to your little boy!! He getting cutter everyday! As always I loved the photos *-*

  6. Aww, beautiful photos! xx

  7. Happy 14 months sweet Tyler Lee!):***


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