Friday, April 04, 2014

#Project365 Picture 88 - 94 ♥

Here's my boy looking at his daddy's pocket watch which he inherited from his grandfather. He seemed quite interested in it. He's reminding me of the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland looking at his pocket watch.

On Sunday my curly-haired babe was helping me celebrate our second Mother's Day together and he was all bow-tied up in his handmade outfit from The Humble Lemon.

On Monday my boy was sorting shapes with his daddy. I love that he's showing a keen interest in his toys now and learning what they door rather than just putting everything in his mouth!

On Tuesday my boy was exploring our garden and found these long leaves which he was playing with as if they were swords. I love how imaginative he is.

On Wednesday LeeLee was busy pouring water on himself, his new obsession to trying to drink out of a cup like a grown up. I stopped him crying by giving him his daddy' South Africa flag which he fully embraced and waved about, in fact he wouldn't let it go.

 On Thursday my babe was taking his morning nap when I got his picture. I gave him two blankets, one to lie on and the other to cover himself with but he though it was better to just bundle one up and lie on that instead to I had to cover him with another blanket, that boy.

 On Friday by boy received his first ever musical instrument - a little white ukulele. He smiled when I showed it to him and loved plucking the strings. I think we have a little rockstar on our hands!


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