Tuesday, April 08, 2014

LUSH - Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie ♥

LUSH's Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie was a product included in the Neon Love gift box which I received from Valentines Day off my wonderful fiance. This is the first ever shower smoothie which I've used some LUSH, in fact the only other potted products I've used from them are their face masks/scrubs so I was delighted to see this included in my gift box. Turkish Rose has a gorgeous, strong scent of Damask roses which was really lovely whilst having a shower as it was quite a noticeable fragrance, sadly it didn't last on the skin once dried off which I was quite disappointed by as I love to get wafts of fragrance from products I use throughout the day, I'm quite a strong scents person.

Turkish Delight is gorgeously creamy and has an almost mousse like texture, it feels so luxurious on the skin and gave a great lather - I'm one for lots of bubbles! This product is infused with cocoa butter and almond oil which left my skin feeling so soft and smooth, I loved it. I was actually trying to spare this product as it was such a treat for my everyday shower but sadly it's now all gone, as you can see in the pictures I had a bare amount left when I decided to review and I can assure you I used every last morsel of this! I need to invest in this as a full-sized product because it was really lovely to use. The shower smoothie is so gentle and nourishing on the skin so I think it's far more beneficial than some branded shower gels I use which can sometimes leave my skin feeling quite dry.

Turkish Delight Shower Smoothie has left me eager to try out more of LUSH's shower products. This was such a luxurious addition to my shower time and I love how it left my skin feeling.

Stay pretty people!



  1. This sounds gorgeous, love Lush!

  2. It even looks so creamy and soft!!

  3. sounds great! It's a shame the scent won't last...


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