Tuesday, April 01, 2014

LUSH - Golden Egg Bath Bomb/Melt ♥

I was delighted to receive LUSH's Golden Egg for my birthday, a bath melt/bomb combo which is covered in a delightful glittering gold lustre. This product has the sweet scent of honey toffee and really is divine, three hours after my bath I'm still getting wafts of this luscious fragrance. The lustre outer coating of Golden Egg reminds me of the Star Light, Star Bright bath melt which I tried at Christmas time, I guess you could say that Golden Egg is the gold, Easter version of that product. The outer layer of the product is the bath melt and the inside 'yolk' is the bath bomb and the bit which creates the fizz. I dropped Golden Egg into my bath and immediately got that fizzing sound. The water began to transform into white, fluffy bubbles and the water turned a honey yellow shade, very Easter inspired indeed!

Golden Egg is big enough to get more than one use out of but I really wanted to have the experience of the whole product and oh am I glad I did, my bath was heavenly! On closer inspection of the water I noticed it was sparkling with the gold glitter, it looked so pretty and made my bath feel and look so luxurious. After my bath I noticed a little subtle hint of shimmer on my skin, I love this, it made my skin look glowing. 

My bath after using this product was covered in glitter so it did require a hose down with the shower head but it's totally worth the effort for such a lovely bath. I really want to get this product again and have another lovely bath at Easter time. I am so impressed with Golden Egg, I love to combo of a bath melt/bomb, double the pleasure! Golden Egg is a fab alternative to a chocolate egg for beauty lovers this Easter, personally I would rather this over a chocolate egg and that's saying something coming from a chocoholic. I think I'd get far more enjoyment out of a nice hot bath sprinkled with glitter and smelling of honey, don't you?

Stay pretty people!



  1. It's amazing- Lush godies make you feel like a princess)

  2. Looks messy! Haha. But so nice, I think I'll try to pick it up.

    Amelia Rose | Beauty Blogger

    1. Yes quite messy but hey, the mess is golden glitter so it's grand! ;)

  3. The glitter doesn't irritate your skin or anything?

  4. Ah this looks amazing, I can't wait to try it!

    Rachel x

  5. It smells so lovely and fresh - I'd love to have a golden goose, producing these all the time :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  6. I love glittery bath bombs - you always feel a little bit special when you spot the shimmer during the rest of the day!

  7. That looks amazing! Glittery bath bombs! LOL

  8. Actually, this bath bomb seems to be very yummy like a fried egg :)
    Excellent review. I will try this product :)

  9. I've never tried glittery bath bombs, looks amazing.


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