Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ella's Kitchen - My Little Big Meals, Smoothies & Yummy Yoghurt Greek Style ♥

 Now that Tyler Lee is a bit older and is passed the weaning stage, the boy can literally eat everything, I've begun to look into some ready made foods and snacks I can give him when we're out and about or at home and he's being fussy. Since he was nine months old he gave up his bottle and I've had substitute this with yoghurts with every meals. Ella' Kitchen recently launched a new selection of yummy Greek style yoghurts in mango, strawberry and berry flavour, all of which Tyler Lee absolutely loves. As he is a terrible drinker, he literally has a couple of sups a day and is done I try to give him smoothies to keep him hydrated, we opted for Ella' Kitchen smoothies as all their products are 100% organic and quite reasonably priced too. We recently tried The Pink One which is bursting with cherries and other fruits, as well as The White One which contains coconut amongst other fruits, he wasn't so keen on the white one but the pink one he devoured in seconds! He wolfs both the Greek style yoghurts and smoothies down making me think they must be very tasty. The best thing for me as a parent is that not only are these products 100% organic, they also come in handy pouches which makes them easy for him to eat himself and very handy for packing in his changing bag for an on the go snack. He's had these in the car, in his buggy, on his trike, they can be eaten anywhere and leave behind no mess. We're big Ella's Kitchen Greek yoghurt and smoothie fans in this house and we always have some in the cupboard or in his changing bag on hand for snack and lunch time.

We recently got the chance to try out some of Ella's Kitchen My Little Big Meals, meals which are catered for toddlers and jam-packed full of at least five different fruit and vegetables and all the goodness a growing toddler needs. We were given three meals from the range of six - Full of Beans Pork Stew, Creamy Coconutty Chicken Curry and the Chunky Pasta Chicken Paella Ella-Ella. These can be consumed hot or cold, again making them perfect for lunches or dinners when out and about. Tyler Lee absolutely loved these, his favourite being the Creamy Coconutty Chicken Curry, curry being a meal he's never had before. The portions of these meals aren't skimpy at all as other toddler ready-made meals can be and they are quite tasty - I had a sneaky taste test of the Pork Stew! We shall be buying some of these meals for our holiday so I can be guaranteed that Tyler Lee is getting some yummy, healthy dinners while away from home.

As you can see from the above pictures Tyler Lee had an absolute ball taste testing Ella's Kitchen's new range of meals and yoghurts. He loved them so much that he even ate some of his dinner with the fork himself for the first time, he just couldn't get enough of the Pork Stew! He also took part in their #TinyTitans challenge and dressed up as a Greek god whilst enjoying their mango Greek yoghurt.

You can find Ella's Kitchen's healthy and yummy range of meals, snacks, yoghurts and smoothies at all good supermarkets and you can find more information about Ella's Kitchen on the Ella's Kitchen website.



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