Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Days Like These... ♥

Days like these... the warm sun shining down on you, lounging around on the lush, green grass with the two people I love most, days like these were made for living. I took these shots in late evening as the sun was just beginning to go down and the light was beautiful, capturing sun spots on my precious pictures of my boy and I. He was giving me lots of cuddles, in fact, he's become even more cuddly in this past week, he's so affectionate, what did I do to deserve this little one? I just had to get a picture of him cuddling me and as you can see by my face I'm completely smitten. I needed this day to happen and I'm glad it came sooner rather than later.

That wonderful family time made me release that I spend far too much time worrying about things that don't matter when I should be concentrating my sole attention on the things that do. This lovely relaxing family time came after a particularly stressful day and it was great to let all the stress go and breathe. My blog is such a wonderful thing to have, to keep me motivated and give me a sense of purpose other than being a full-time mammy but it should not keep me up worrying at night. Therefore, I am now only going to blog when my little one is asleep. I do not want to miss out on anymore time with him due to planning a blog post. I also will not let myself feel under pressure to post or try to write about things which I think people may like. This is my personal little space on the internet, my diary or scrapbook if you will and it's for me to enjoy documenting my life and for Tyler Lee to enjoy reading when he's older, seeing all his adventures with his mammy and daddy and anyone else who may stop by along the way.

Remember to breathe, relax and appreciate those you love while you have them beside you. After all, happiness is only real if shared with those you love...



  1. I totally agree with you.
    It is your space and you should write for yourself, not for others ;-)
    Fingers crossed for more days like this!

    1. Thank you Agata, I hope to have more days like this :)

  2. Your baby boy is handsome! Enjoy your time with him while he is little, they grow up way too fast!

  3. Lovely post. You and your son are beautiful. I've only just started my blog but mine too will be a space to remember adventures we have with our boy, if others enjoy it that's lovely but I will only be posting things that I will love to re-read one day. xx

  4. Fiona, I agree with you!
    Amazing photos!)

  5. Unas fotos muy lindas de ti y de tu familia, muy guapos los tres

  6. I totally agree and I`m trying to take the same approach myself, as I feel exactly the same way!
    I get much too stressed and worked up about it. Its silly.

    These pictures are stunning!!! You look beautiful and of course so do your lovely family xxx

  7. So emotional and beautiful.

  8. very lovely hope to you all he happiness

  9. What a gorgeous family and such lovely photos :)
    I love your blog! xx



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