Thursday, April 24, 2014

Because You're Mine, I Walk The Line ♥

The 'newborn' picture, I wasn't lying was I!
My baby, my itty bitty baby can now walk. How he has already mastered this skill I'll never know, to me he's still so small and when he's walking he looks even tinier! He began walking properly on April 20th, going round in circles in the sitting room and making his way out to the kitchen, he was super proud of himself. Now three days on he's learn to walk whilst holding things, has walked outside with me, wants to be out of his buggy when we go shopping and holding my hand as we walk along, my little babe is a baby no more and I really can see this now. It seems as each day goes by he no longer relies on me for things that he once did and metaphorically speaking his little tiny hand is slipping slowly away from mine. Once upon a time it was my job to move him around, now he's almost running on his own, it's crazy! 

Walkin' the walk, Pup Pup in hand.
 Funnily enough though I seem to be grasping on to every bit of baby left in him that I can, my panic mode has set in, my baby boy is no longer a baby but a little boy, a proper toddler and I just think it's all happened so incredibly fast. I just had to go and get him two new comforters today just because he likes to have something soft and cuddly up to his face as he sleeps and he really did need those two new blankets too because the gazillion he already had just wasn't enough, every baby needs a mountain of blankets, I'm right, aren't I? I took a beautiful picture of him sleeping and convinced myself that he looks like a newborn in it - he really does, it's not just my imagination I promise, you can see this for yourself in the above picture, you agree, don't you, don't you?! Please do reassure me it wasn't just my crazy mama imagination holding on to the last piece of baby in my boy! My beautiful boy is growing and I actually see now how much of a proper little person he is, he's constantly chatting "da da da, mama mumma mama", has learnt how to cause a pile of mischief around the house, (thanks for pouring water everywhere Tyler Lee!) has discovered the step at the end of the stairs and loves it, (it's the hottest new hangout in town I'll have you know!) and to see him walk around on his thin little legs, looking so grown up yet so unbelievably tiny at the same time, it completely melts my heart.

Walking is GREAT fun!
Tyler Lee, because you're mine I'll walk the line... or behind you, round and round in circles, or in that crab motion which you absolutely love even though we both almost end up triping over our own feet or your buggy. You walk in anyway which way direction or style you want because simply, you can. You're amazing my baby boy, you'll never know how proud you make daddy and I. Congratulations on mastering another skill in life - walking unaided all by yourself!



  1. I think my youngest son is around the same age, and I've been feeling that my last baby (there are no more for us) is growing up far too fast. He's been walking a little while now, but over the last week his speech has come on in leaps and bounds too and I just want to tell him to slow down, take his time, stay a baby for a bit longer.

  2. Congratulations!!! Now you'll have lots of fun:))

  3. I was convinced that was actually a newborn photo, he looks so incredibly cute. I have to agree though, they do grow up far too quickly. My son is 4 years old next week and off to school in September, I can't quite believe it!

  4. Awww, congrats Sir.Tyler Lee!! What a huge step in life (pun intended).
    He's so adorable, I friggen love his curls!


  5. Such a heart touching article! ❤
    The little ones grow so fast§ try to cherish every moment :)

  6. Congratulations :) Now you'll have to run after him!

  7. The first photo is mega cute!)
    They grow so fast, that's true...

  8. He is so cute. I love this post :)

  9. congrats on his first little steps, :) May them lead him only to good things and succes in life! <3

  10. Such a lovely post. I know that I'll feel just as proud when my Ethan starts walking :)

    Alex x
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  11. Aww what a lovely post. I am trying to work out how old he is. My youngest is 14 months and is showing no sign of walking yet, bar the usual cruising of the furniture so I reckon she will be a late one. First steps are always such a milestone but a little bit bittersweet too! X


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