Thursday, March 06, 2014

Tyler Lee's OOTD - Knights & Dragons ♥

I love dressing my boy in whimsical clothing, things that are unique, have adorable prints and also pieces that have a vintage vibe. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of clothing of this kind in highstreet shops at the moment (someone please point me in the right direction if I'm wrong!) so I usually shop online to try and find him something which isn't clichéd boy things such as dinosaurs, monsters, dark colours and other things which, in my opinion, don't look very nice. I picked up this beautiful bodysuit from Helen Gordon, her prints are amazing, so fairytale inspired, things which I absolutely love and which I think childhood should be filled with - fantasy and fairytales aren't just for girls! This is here Reluctant Dragon babygro with feet. The print is filled with knights, dragons, toadstools, trees, teacups and books, the base is a cream colour with light green trim. I teamed the bodysuit with a hand knit cardigan which my grandmother gave to Tyler Lee when he was born. It's a cream/yellow coloured wool with big, chunky wooden buttons, I love it and it's great for keeping him warm in these colder months. I think this outfit shoes that boys too can wear bright colours and prints. I'm campaigning for nicer clothes for boys on the highstreet!

Bodysuit - Helen Gordon
Cardigan - Hank knit.



  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, his curls are just beautiful!
    I love the print on the babygro, too - so cute!

    Jess xo

  2. I love that bodysuit! So nice to see a baby boy in light colours too.

  3. So sweet! Love the design!

    As I said on Twitter, I agree with you about boys clothing on the high street! It wasnt too bad in baby sizes as there was lots of pastel and sweet star print available, but as they get to 1 and over it all seems to be dark or ultra-bright colours and all monsters and trucks etc - none of which I like!


  4. He is so beautiful and the clothes are always so pretty!

  5. that body suit looks really adorable on him !!!!!

  6. i need more kids in my life so they can look as cute as this!

  7. Love the outfit, and love that litlle boy

  8. dear friend,marvellous outfit for babies)


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