Monday, March 31, 2014

The Newest Edition To Tyler Lee's Library - 'My Daddy...' From Love2Read ♥

'My daddy...' from Love2Read is quite possibly the cutest book I have ever set eyes upon. This adorable soft cover book was personalised by myself on the Love2Read website which is super simple to use, you can create a personalised book in four quick and easy steps, you simply pick the theme of your books, add your own pictures and captions, choose a colour scheme and you're done. I chose the 'My daddy...' themed book as daddy is definitely the favourite in our house, Tyler Lee is a daddy's boy through and through and a mans man. Love2Read offer books about a whole host of family members, birthdays, holidays, pets, special occasions and you can ever add your own title. I was delighted when the book arrived and it looked great. The cover is glossy and is light blue in colour to match the interior border colour which I chose myself to frame the pictures. The printing of the pictures is great, so vivid and clear. The book contains ten captioned pictures and a photo collage of pictures of my boys, it's such a lovely thing to have.

I love the fact that you can put whatever caption you want in the pictures and I chose things that I'd like Tyler Lee to know about his daddy and be able to say as he's learning to read. This book is a very welcome addition to Tyler Lee's ever growing library and I love that this is a personalised book, it's like a twist on those photobooks you can get made up to keep your cherished photos in. As you can see Tyler Lee definitely approved of his new book, in fact, he keeps taking it off the bookshelf at every opportunity he gets! I think Love2Read books are fantastic as they encourage children to take an interest in books and reading from a young age as the story is personal to them, also the pictures of familiar characters helps to spark their interest even more. I love the idea of building my little one a personalised library of books which relate to his family, interests, likes, loves and milestones.

I think the next book we'll have to get is 'My mummy...' and see if Tyler Lee loves that one just as much! The 'My daddy...' book is £14.99 and the more books you buy the more you save. You can browse Love2Read's fantastic range of personalised children's books on the Love2Read website.



  1. such a great ideea , next time do one whit you and little tyler

  2. What a great idea!
    Wonderful book!)

  3. This is such a cute idea!
    Thanks a bunch for sharing!
    I don't have kids myself, but a younger cousin who I have in mind for a project like this. c:


  4. I absolutly love the ideea. I think it's great for Taylor Lee's devepment at this momeny, nut it will also remain as one of the most precious memories for later. You definitely have to make one for mummy too :D I will keep this in mind for my friends who already have kids. Because I think this present has to come from the parents. In my opinion it wouldn't have the same value coming from somebody else.

  5. Oh that's so sweet - personalised books are always gorgeous and I love the idea of incorporating some beginning words too!

  6. I love this concept
    Really lovely idea!
    Thank you for sharing!

  7. so cute, what a lovely present and son :D


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