Monday, March 17, 2014

Saint Patrick's Day Inspired Makeup ♥

This weekend I created some St. Patrick's Day inspired eye makeup just for the fun of it, it'd be rude not to really considering that I am Irish and with my love for green eye shadow St. Patrick's Day is a great excuse to go overboard with the green! I must say I'm not happy with the lighting in these pictures, these shadows were far more vibrant and vivid in person and it's a shame that my camera couldn't capture that, upgrade needed pronto! I did love the look in person, it was very 'out there' and I loved the three greens I used together, I think they really complimented each other and made my eyes pop. I first covered the whole eyelid with MAC's 'Lucky Green' eye shadow which is a gorgeous bright green shade with yellow undertones. I then used Urban Decay's 'Mildew' on the middle of my eyelid and the crease of the eye, this shade is slightly darker than 'Lucky Green'. One of the shades I used, Urban Decay's 'Zodiac', has a gorgeous shimmer to it as it's infused with micro-glitter so I used that on the outer eyelid to give some sparkle to the look, you can see hints of sparkle in some of the pictures below. I then framed the eye with black liquid eyeliner just to make the green hues stand out even more. As St. Patrick's Day is today you can guarantee that I'm rocking more green makeup today, pictures to follow, hopefully with better lighting! Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

Products used to create the whole makeup look -

MAC - 'Lucky Green'.
Urban Decay - 'Mildew' and 'Zodiac'.
GOSH - Liquid eyeliner in black.
Benefit - They're Real! Mascara.
L'Oreal True Match Foundation.
MAC - 'Rose Lily'.

Stay pretty people!



  1. I always make an effort to wear green eye make up on St Patricks day. I wonder why i don't do it more often as it's quite nice too!

  2. Great look, I love green eyeshadows, not only for St.Patrick's)

  3. You fabulous!! This look is gorgeous and really suits you :)

  4. love the greens. i'm pretty new to makeup (just ordered my first items!) and think green will look good on me. i'll have to see!

  5. too bad we don't celebrate St. Patrick's day in my country ..

    btw the green eye makeup suits your eyes very well ~ like the lucky green eyeshadow effects

  6. i like the colors on you, i dont know if we have st.patrick's in my country


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