Thursday, March 20, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 74 To 80 ♥

Another week has flown by and what a fantastic one it was, I've had so many lovely moments with my babe.

On Saturday my boy was all smiles after his balloon wish and release which you can read about here.

On Sunday my babe turned 13 months old - seriously how is he growing up so fast! He had a great time down in the farmyard with his granda meeting the sheep, looking and the hens and driving the ride on.

On Monday Tyler Lee celebrated his second ever Saint Patrick's Day and his daddy had the day off work so we went to the annual parade in Cork City. You can read all about our day out here.

On Tuesday we had a quiet day indoors as the weather wasn't as good as it was before. My baby was dancing around on the bed in his nappy and was crawling away really quickly anytime I went to catch him, the cheeky monkey!

On Wednesday my boy was all tucked up in bed before I got his picture. He was cuddle into his Hector Hippo comforter as Pup Pup was in the wash or 'gone swimming' as I told Tyler Lee.

 On Thursday my boy was holding onto his Hector Hippo comforter and reading his bath book while I busy taking product pictures for the blog. He had so much energy and was bouncing around on the bed again but he lay down for a moment and looked up to the ceiling, he was so peaceful at this moment so I was delighted to get a snap of it.

 On Friday my boy and I went out for lunch with a friend of mine and by the time we got back he was exhausted so he slept all afternoon. I put his bedtime off for an hour and when I had finished reading to him, today's story was 'The King's Secret' he was full of beans, jumping all over his bed, smiling and giggling. Here he is with his best friend Pup Pup, too adorable!



  1. beautiful photography, such a beautiful little boy. xox

  2. Always so adorable +.+ My favourite photo is the photo of Thursday !!

  3. Such a cutie, I love the St Patricks day photo.


  4. oh my gosh!! brilliant pictures that is one very cute bubba,very photogenic :)

  5. He is seriously the cutest little boy I have ever seen, he is so perfect you must be so proud of that cheeky little smile! xx

    Charli | Secrets Behind The Closet Door

  6. Such beautiful photos!
    Monday picture is my favourite!))

  7. He seems a very contented little fella! Love your bedspread!

  8. So sweet! He looks just like a little angel like the ones in those famous paintings :D <3

  9. Such lovely photos and sounds like you all had an amazing week! My favourite photo is Sunday's x

  10. Awww he is so cute, love the one with the little St Paddys day hat, being Irish myself :)

  11. beautifull boy, i like the Wednesday picture most of all he seems to enjoy it sleeping so relaxed...


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