Friday, March 14, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 67 To 73 ♥

Another week has flown by, seriously I cannot believe how fast they go, it's going to be summer before we know it.

On Saturday Tyler Lee had a little play date with another baby boy and when they left he was pushing his stacking cups along the floor and crawling after them when they rolled away. Here he was looking at me quite sadly as he couldn't catch the green light from the camera flash button.

On Sunday I celebrated my birthday so my boys and I went out for dinner. Here is Tyler Lee full and happy after his dinner.

 On Monday the sun was shining here and it was so warm so I took Tyler Lee out to my parents house to play on his swing. He was bonding with the dog once again, aren't they such posers?!

On Tuesday, while he was waiting for his dinner my babe was multi-tasking playing with his Bright Starts bee and watching one of his favourite television programmes 'Milly Molly'. Dribbles galore as he's teething like crazy again and keeps pulling his bib off!

On Wednesday it was another lovely sunny day and I was minding my five year old cousin. She did a fab job of entertaining Tyler Lee and made him laugh like mad when she was hopping up and down our garden path. Here he is mid laugh, the little charmer.

 On Thursday my little curly wurly and I were waiting for Daddy to come home from work so we could go shopping. He was tired so wanted to come up in my arms and as I was snapping pictures for the blog I thought why not take a mama and baba selfie. I love his little face and his curly locks in this picture.

 On Friday my babe was carrying his Pup Pup comforter around with him everywhere, he's teething really badly now again and loves to have him up by his face. He was climbing on the couch, trying to type on the laptop and listening to Deftones with his mama, he had a fab day!



  1. You have such a beautiful baby.... I love his curls!! I admire your commitment to capture a year in photos. My oldest is going to be 20 this year, and though I have a ton of photos, it seems like it went by so fast, I really wish I had thought of this, for at least a full year of her life, if not more.

  2. Love Tyler Lee's photo with the dog!))
    A year in pictures is a great idea!

  3. I do have to say you wonder what you did with your time before kids came along! Whenever my two are gone to school or something I don't know what to do with myself!

  4. i am so glad you are raising him and have a dog!!! nothing more precious...


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