Friday, March 07, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 60 To 66 ♥

Another week has gone by which means that it's time to show you another week of my #Project365 pictures, my project to take a picture of my son everyday for a year. I cannot believe that it's already March and I've being doing this project for two months now, this year is flying by, just like last year.
On Saturday Tyler Lee and I went on a VERY long drive with our friends Cher and Amelia to meet up with some other mothers and babies from our pregnancy group for a joint babies 1st birthday party. There were twenty mothers and twenty-one babies in all. It was fantastic to finally meet them all but that drive was insane - never again!

On Sunday Cher and I took the babies to the wildlife park. Here Tyler Lee is laughing while looking at his monkey taggie and me saying "he's going home", the strangest things amuse that boy!

On Monday the sun was shining but we couldn't go anywhere as we were waiting for the plumber to call (boo!) so I took LeeLee out the back garden on his rocking horse that he got for his birthday. He loved it and learnt to rock it on his own.

On Tuesday we were out in the garden again and Tyler Lee was wearing his gorgeous new body suit from Helen Gordon which has knights, castles, dragons and teapots all over it - super cute!

 On Wednesday I once again forgot to take the days #Project365 picture until late at night as we were out shopping and we back late. I do love catching a shot of my babe sleeping soundly though.

Thursday was World Book Day so I took my boy up to him room where he proceeded to take almost every book off his bookshelf, he can never just choose one. Here he was enjoying his 'The Gruffalo Touch and Feel' book.

On Friday the sun was shining meaning that spring has well and truly arrived and it was quite balmy out so I took my babe to Fota House and Gardens were he enjoyed sitting on stumps, had lunch al fresco and took in all the nature around him. It was such a lovely day with my little angel man.



  1. Your son is growing up so fast, I love the curly hair :)

  2. They grow up so quickly this is an amazing idea, Your son is too beautiful, too cute <3

  3. Your son is absolutely adorable! :))

  4. Your son is absolutely marvelous! Such lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing:))

  5. That owl hat is the cutest.

  6. Tyler Lee is absolutely adorable!
    Love the photos!

  7. little tyler is growing so fast and is so adorable


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