Thursday, March 13, 2014

Infasense Justafit Onesie ♥

If you're like myself and have a baby who is in between sizes then you'll know the perils of trying to find a onesie which fits perfectly and isn't too long on their arms and legs. Tyler Lee's legs are usually too short for his sleep and body suits leaving baggy feet pieces and arms which are too long and have to be folded up, both which I find are trip hazards for him as he is a very active boy who loves crawling, climbing, standing up and walking along while holding onto the furniture. I was delighted to get a chance to try out Infasense's Jusafit Onesie on him, an adjustable sleepsuit which can be made shorter or longer on the arms and legs as you see fit. It can be a nightmare to try and find clothes to fit my tall, very thin boy, he's 13 months this week yet 9-12 month clothes can be far too big on him so the idea of an adjustable onesie really appealed to me.

I chose the turquoise onesie for my son which is actually a light green colour but quite pretty nonetheless. The quality of the onesie is fantastic and it's not too thick so we find it perfect for putting Tyler Lee to sleep in. It is made from hyperallergenic, breathable cotton too so it's great for his delicate skin. The onesie comes with velcro straps on the wrists and ankles of the onesie which can be tightened and loosened depending on what length you want the arms and legs to be. I found this very simple to use and found it most beneficial on the feet part of the onesie, the part which always trips Tyler Lee up while he's on the move, however, I do have one bug bear with the product, the material is very slippy on tiles and wooden floors, the only surface which the downstairs on my house has. My son actually slipped on his feet, something which never happens as he's quite sturdy on his feet for months now whilst he was wearing his onesie and I'm putting it down to the material. I would suggest to Infasense that it would be a good idea to add grip soles to the feet of their larger onesie for older children who are quite active and need grip whilst walking and climbing. The onesie does work well for him as it is size 12-18 and far too big for him but when I tighten the straps it feets just fine, no baggy limbs, it's a great invention!
The Infasense Justafit Onesie is £19.99 for a two pack and sizes go all the way up to three years. The Justafit Onesie is available in a choice of five lovely colours. You can read more about these onesies and browse the other colours available on the Infasense website.


  1. Funny I was just thinking the other day that all onesie makers need to put little grippy soles on their products, as Isabelle was slipping about in a onesie just like Tyler lee has been. Maybe we should patent the idea and make a million ;) x

  2. Aww lovely photos and we always had grippy sole ones when the girls were toddling :) Cute onesie x

  3. What a clever invention as any parent will appreciate ;0) Tyler Lee looks very cute - you are luck to have such a willing model ;0)


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