Thursday, March 27, 2014

Freeva - Marvelous Monsters Cloth Nappy ♥

A few months back I converted to using cloth nappies not just because they're environmentally friendly but also because I thought that cloth nappies would feel better against my baby boy's delicate, sensitive skin as opposed to plastic disposable nappies. Freeva's Marvelous Monsters nappy is the first which we have had the pleasure of trying from the Freeva range and I have to say that I am super impressed with it. 

The print of the Marvelous Monster nappy is very fun and eye-catching, a brown background with orange and green monsters surrounded by blue splats, very cute indeed! I love the design range that cloth nappies have to offer, not only are they eco-friendly and functional but they can also be a style statement too. I know that I'll have Tyler Lee rocking his cloth nappies with leg warmers in the warmer months, I think they are so fashionable and quite adorable.

Freeva's Marvelous Monster nappy can be used on babies weighing 6-33lbs so you get fabulous longevity out of it. The nappy itself is made from a soft suede fabric on the inside - perfect for delicate skin and a waterproof PUL fabric on the outer layer which I have to say does work, we haven't had any leaks whatsoever. Freeva's nappies are so easy to use, you simply pop the microfiber insert which comes with the nappy into the pocket within the nappy and then the nappy itself closes with velcro style tab which can be adjusted depending on how you want the nappy to fit your baby, this also makes allowances for different tummy sizes and it also comes with an elasticated waist so each little cloth bum baby can have the perfect fit for them.

Overall, I think this nappy is fantastic and Tyler Lee looks so comfortable in it. The inside material feels fantastic and this nappy washes and dries really well. We haven't had any loosening of the velcro tabs which is fantastic as Tyler Lee really is a wriggly little toddler now. Freeva offer a whole range of gorgeous designs to choose from, many are unisex and are great value at just £10.95 per nappy which is a fantastic price considering a cloth nappy can last you for the whole time your child is in nappies if you take care of them properly and following the washing/drying instructions.

You can find the Marvelous Monster nappy and browse more from the Freeva range on the Freeva website.



  1. awwww! cuty cute nappy love it <3

  2. Cute nappy. Ive just got our cloth nappies out again since we moved.

  3. so cute nappy!!!! nice!!


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