Monday, March 24, 2014

A New Addition To My Home - My 'Beach Baby' Canvas ♥

 This year I am really enjoying making our house a proper home and adding decorative bits and pieces to it which make it feel cosy and have more of a family feel to it. Our house is dotted with picture frames which mainly hold pictures of Tyler Lee but I had always wanted a canvas picture for our sitting room and luckily Canvas Dezign kindly sent me one to review. For the canvas I choose a picture from my 'Beach Baby' post, a moment which is special to me as it was Tyler Lee's first time at the beach. When my canvas arrived I was really impressed with the quality of it, the canvas itself is quite thick, not something flimsy which could be cut or tear easily. The canvas was hand-stretched over a solid wood frame which again is quite sturdy, something which holds the canvas properly in place and will not tear or peel off.

I was worried that the light of my picture wouldn't turn out well on canvas but I was pleasantly surprised, the picture looks beautiful on the canvas and the printing of it is perfection, the colour is vivid, there are no smudges or any blurriness, in fact the canvas seems to have a 3D effect as the stones of the beach and the waves of the tide appear to be life like, jumping out from my sitting room wall - seriously can you tell how much I love my canvas?! The canvas also came with everything I needed to hang it on the wall but I left this job up to my fiance, picture hanging and I don't get on, I always end up putting the fixture on wrong and it's either wonky or falls off the wall!

I am delighted with my canvas and it is such a beautiful addition to my sitting room. I love soft furnishings, they really do add to the overall atmosphere of a room and really help to make a house a home and I think a canvas is a great way to make a picture you love a real feature in your room. My canvas is 10" X 8" which is the smallest size available but it fits my picture perfectly, however, Canvas Dezign offer bigger sizes too. My canvas costs £11.99, a fantastic price for such a gorgeous piece for my home. Canvas Dezign also offer free 48 mainland delivery within the UK which I know all my gorgeous UK readers will be happy to hear!

You can see more examples of Canvas Dezign canvases as well as sizes and prices on the Canvas Dezign website. Use code BLOG15 to get a massive 15% off your order!



  1. That is so beautiful! I'm going to make sure I do something like this for my grandbabies!


  2. I really love canvas! I like to take many with the same subject and place them random, but simmetrically.

  3. Thanks for the idea. I will make my own canvas. And yours ... looks good. :D

  4. You have such an adorable baby. :)

  5. wow love this beautiful picture its just only £11.99 of cost that's grt price for the master piece <3

  6. Great canvas, I have a few ones too. It's the best for wall decoration.

  7. Love the canvas!
    Looks really amazing!

  8. what a gorgeous picture! lovely to have on a canvas :) x


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