Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tyler Lee's Play Area ♥

When Tyler Lee was born he staked his claim on the area between the couch and the fireplace in our sitting room straight away. First his big high pram was in this space, then his baby swing, then his bouncer and now the area has been transformed into play area as well as a holding area for his toys. I'm a big fan of white furniture and knew in my mind that I wanted white, cubed shelves so that Tyler Lee could pick which toys he wanted to play with himself allowing him to be independent and choose toys for himself during his playtime. He finds it so easy to get his toys now from the shelves bar the top shelf, he's not tall or strong enough to lift those toys down yet but he loves to crawl over and choose a toy for himself, he's most fond of the shelves with the stacking cups, the taggie monkey and the wooden tray with blocks. 

My house is by no means big and isn't spacious at all but I wanted to try and make a nice little place for Tyler Lee to enjoy and play safely and comfortably in. To make the area a little bit more comfy for him I laid down two rows of his soft alphabet puzzle mat and I leave these two rows there permanently, laying down more if needed. I leave his activity walker in front of the shelves as he loves to walk around with it now and it's easy for him to get at there. For his birthday he got the wooden activity cube so I thought it would be nice to leave it by his play area and he's been playing with it everyday since.

I needed some storage boxes to store some of his smaller teething toys and cuddly toys so I picked up a frog and ladybird box which are both toy boxes and seats when turned upright so they'll be great for him as he grows. They were super cheap too at just €2.99 each. There's also a cow version available which I didn't think we needed but now there are too many toys for the shelves so I think I may just have to get it. I'll be added four more cubes to the top of these shelves to make more space for toys which Tyler Lee will be getting this Christmas. I really love his play area now, it's bright, colourful, it's easy for him to get to his toys, it's easy for me to tidy once he's gone to bed and the space will grow with him. I'll have to get his beanbag out of the cupboard and add it to his space too so that it'll truly be Tyler Lee's little play and sitting area.
White cube storage unit - Argos
Frog and ladybird toy boxes/seats - Home Store and More
Alphabet Puzzle Mat - Smyths

What do you think of Tyler Lee's play area? Do you have one like this for your own children?



  1. So colourful! I love those pigeon hole storage units must get one! :)

  2. Perfect play area - so bright ) Usually this area is chaotic but yours is neat and tidy because it's well-organized

  3. Aw!so pretty.I want to play too!!

  4. That's a great idea, looks brilliant. Bet it doesn't look like that at the end of the day though! I dread the clear-up when the kids have gone to bed :) x

  5. Looks very colourful, in my house it would be messy in 2 seconds lol

  6. Love it! So fun and bright! And you're right, it looks very easy to maintain. =)

  7. omg this looks amazing - so bright and colourful :) I love it! Wish I had a little play area like this for Corey - I may have to get some my imagination cap on!!

    Lots of love, Gemma xxx

  8. Adore it! It's all so bright and beautiful! Where did you get his activity cube? I've spent most of today trying to find a good one for Isabelle's birthday, and that one looks ideal!

  9. This is SO bright!! We are lucky and have a playroom, i keep meaning to post about it but it keeps getting put back! x

  10. What a gorgeous little space! I moved out of home recently with my little man, there's enough room for him to have a playroom but more often than not he brings all his toys into the sitting room. I wish his playroom looked as tidy and colourful as this one, Tyler Lee is one lucky little guy!


  11. Just like toy story :3 aaakkk ♥


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