Monday, February 17, 2014

Tyler Lee - 12 Months Old ♥

My darling baby boy, you're now twelve months old! I prefer to say twelve months instead of one as it makes you sound like a tiny baby still. How fast this year flew and how many wonderful memories have we already made together. A year ago we welcomed you into the world, your tiny little hands, big, wide eyes, your straight dark hair, my how you've changed! You were a big baby at 9lbs 8oz but to me you were tiny. It saddens me that you'll never be that small again and it's now hard for me to carry you, I'll never be able to cradle you again but as you get older each thing I can no longer do with you is substituted by something we've never done before. Soon you'll be walking next to me, holding your little hand in mine and I cannot wait for that time to come. Your dark, straight hair has been replaced with a crown of golden curls which seem to be getting curlier by the day. Everyone says you look like a little cherub and they're not wrong! You're tall, very tall and are so thin just like your daddy but have my chubby cheeks, sorry for that! Your personality is shining through now and you're so affectionate cuddling your puppy comforter and any other cuddly toy which comes to life before your eyes. You also cuddle me, putting your forehead up against mine and making an 'awwwww' sound, you're adorable. You sleep longer now in the mornings, you're so good to Daddy and I, you must have some of the most wonderful dreams ever to make you sleep so long, in fact, as I write this you're off in Dreamland for your daytime nap. Yesterday was your first birthday, I can't believe it but you had an amazing day apart from that pesky ear infection giving you trouble. In this first year of your life you've been to so many places, you've seen almost as much of Ireland as I have, you've met so many people, had thousands of pictures taken of you, have been in three national publications, have become the star of my blog, have made Daddy and I smile everyday and most importantly you've had fun! You will always be my baby boy and I love you so much. As I write this I'm crying, not out of sadness but out of joy, you're the best thing that every happened to me, my little angel man, you'll never know just how special you are to me as words cannot describe the love I feel for you but I will do my best to show you how much you mean to me everyday of your life.

Weight - No idea but getting heavier although people say you're quite light.
Height - No idea of this either but you're so tall now, your legs are so long!
Hair -Going light blonde again and very curly.
Teeth - Still 6 - two on middle bottom gum and four in the middle of his top gum.
Clothes Size - 9-12 months even though they are still too big on the waist and too long on the arms and legs!
Nappy Size - 4
Favourite Food - Ham and cheese sandwiches, porridge, white chocolate buttons, yogurt and banana.
Sleeping Time - 2 naps a day, sleeps 12 -13 hours a night.
Loves - Puppy comforter, going for a walk, bouncing up and down, bath time, pretending to be dropped, crawling, standing up on the furniture, going on a swing, crawling around very fast, playing with the hair straightner and hair dryer.
Hates - Being dressed, having his face cleaned, sitting still, being told 'no'.

You've blessed us for a year already, I cannot wait for our adventures in this year to come.



  1. Oh he is so cute! Those cheeks! My baby girl turns1 in 2 weeks. Doesn't it go by so fast?

    1. Thank you! It goes by so quickly. Happy Birthday to your little one :) xo

  2. What gorgeous baby blue eyes! xx

  3. What a gorgeous baby boy!)
    Those cheeks, those eyes!)

  4. He's going to be a heart breaker some day!
    (fellow WUW co-host)


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